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This Time Tomorrow

Where will we be?

By Andrea Brown & Bruce Lellman
2,002 miles (3,222 km) over 130 days between Oct. 24, 2016 and Mar. 2, 2017
Breathing heart 8
The Things I Carry heart 6
Through the Big Door heart 6
Wobbling Down the Lane heart 7
Getting Acquainted with a Lovely People heart 11
Drinking and riding heart 10
Gallery of Bac Son Photos heart 29
The Dream Ride heart 7
The Road Through Paradise heart 6
Navigating the Spider's Web heart 2
Helping to Push the World Around heart 3
Back to Civilization heart 5
The Solace of Old Friends heart 5
Photo Gallery of Hanoi heart 15
Heading Out of Hectic Hanoi heart 1
Lost in Translation heart 9
Nha Nghi to Nha Nghi on the Ho Chi Minh Highway heart 4
Sweat, the Supermoon, and Me heart 4
To the East Vietnam Sea heart 6
Bus Transport Blues heart 1
In Hue heart 2
Enticed by Thoughts of a Beach heart 1
Hai Van Pass and on to Da Nang heart 2
Dang You, Danang heart 0
The Bird With One Wing Keeps On Flying (Riding) heart 1
Hoi An, Vietnam heart 6
Photo Gallery of Hoi An heart 15
Hoi An to Tam Ky heart 0
Tam Ky to Quang Ngai heart 0
When the Birds Stopped Singing heart 1
Dreams Remain Drenched heart 0
An Ill-conceived Plan heart 3
How Quickly Something can go Wrong heart 1
The Buddha Didn't Care heart 1
A Washout of a Day heart 2
Ugly Rain Gear and Lobby Guys heart 2
Gallery of Nha Trang Photos heart 7
Happiness - Harmony - Home heart 3
One Way to Sell Chickens heart 4
Empty Hammocks, Cool Architecture, Wrinkled Fingers heart 2
Critical Thinking heart 0
Drying Out Our Sandals heart 2
Splurge Deferred heart 4
Banh Xeo and Coffee Etiquette heart 5
The Frog in the Bathroom heart 9
A Sick Night and a Sick Day heart 0
To the Delta - A Four Ferry Day heart 1
Happy Hours heart 3
The Delta Coconut Pirates heart 3
Dust and Sanctuary heart 1
50 Miles of Bad Road heart 1
Missing Cioppino heart 1
Look at That Guy! heart 15
Dust and Delight heart 1
Our Last Day Riding in Vietnam heart 3
Our Final Stop in Vietnam heart 3
Photo Gallery of Ha Tien heart 8
Final Thoughts on Vietnam heart 6
Leaving Vietnam On the Fumes heart 5
Sustainable Squid heart 3
What's So Great About Kampot? heart 5
Uncharted Territory heart 7
The Curious Monk heart 9
From Dismal to Charming heart 10
Enjoying Retirement heart 4
Talking to Birds and Avoiding Oompa Loompa Thailand heart 9
Vacation heart 10
Enough of the South heart 6
Lizard Bouncing heart 2
Across a Metropolis, Halfway Across a Country heart 4
My Second Home heart 0
Gallery of Chiang Mai Photos heart 23
A New Kind of Uphill heart 6
Eeeleephant! Eeleephant! heart 5
Bad Coffee and Worse Coffee and a Great Resort heart 4
Chinese New Year on the Burmese Border heart 4
Zero to Twenty-Four in Four Seconds heart 14
Flatlanders Again and Loving It heart 2
"Just One More Steep" heart 10
Free is No Misunderstanding heart 11
One Foot in Burma heart 10
Do You Recognize This Song? heart 8
Snaking Along the Mekong heart 5
The Warmth of Familiarity heart 5
Photo Gallery of Chiang Khong, Thailand heart 10
I Would Have Missed That heart 1
So Much Wondering heart 7
Winding Down heart 12
A Fondness for Bangkok heart 11