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This Time Tomorrow

Where will we be?

By Andrea Brown & Bruce Lellman
2,002 miles (3,222 km) over 130 days between Oct. 24, 2016 and Mar. 2, 2017
Breathing heart 10
The Things I Carry heart 9
Through the Big Door heart 19
Wobbling Down the Lane heart 23
Getting Acquainted with a Lovely People heart 40
Drinking and riding heart 28
Gallery of Bac Son Photos heart 63
The Dream Ride heart 23
The Road Through Paradise heart 30
Navigating the Spider's Web heart 18
Helping to Push the World Around heart 8
Back to Civilization heart 24
The Solace of Old Friends heart 19
Photo Gallery of Hanoi heart 46
Heading Out of Hectic Hanoi heart 22
Lost in Translation heart 30
Nha Nghi to Nha Nghi on the Ho Chi Minh Highway heart 21
Sweat, the Supermoon, and Me heart 25
To the East Vietnam Sea heart 39
Bus Transport Blues heart 9
In Hue heart 16
Enticed by Thoughts of a Beach heart 2
Hai Van Pass and on to Da Nang heart 13
Dang You, Danang heart 7
The Bird With One Wing Keeps On Flying (Riding) heart 4
Hoi An, Vietnam heart 18
Photo Gallery of Hoi An heart 33
Hoi An to Tam Ky heart 2
Tam Ky to Quang Ngai heart 1
When the Birds Stopped Singing heart 5
Dreams Remain Drenched heart 12
An Ill-conceived Plan heart 19
How Quickly Something can go Wrong heart 12
The Buddha Didn't Care heart 9
A Washout of a Day heart 8
Ugly Rain Gear and Lobby Guys heart 13
Gallery of Nha Trang Photos heart 14
Happiness - Harmony - Home heart 10
One Way to Sell Chickens heart 20
Empty Hammocks, Cool Architecture, Wrinkled Fingers heart 15
Critical Thinking heart 6
Drying Out Our Sandals heart 10
Splurge Deferred heart 10
Banh Xeo and Coffee Etiquette heart 6
The Frog in the Bathroom heart 10
A Sick Night and a Sick Day heart 2
To the Delta - A Four Ferry Day heart 2
Happy Hours heart 4
The Delta Coconut Pirates heart 4
Dust and Sanctuary heart 2
50 Miles of Bad Road heart 2
Missing Cioppino heart 3
Look at That Guy! heart 20
Dust and Delight heart 2
Our Last Day Riding in Vietnam heart 4
Our Final Stop in Vietnam heart 5
Photo Gallery of Ha Tien heart 9
Final Thoughts on Vietnam heart 7
Leaving Vietnam On the Fumes heart 7
Sustainable Squid heart 4
What's So Great About Kampot? heart 6
Uncharted Territory heart 8
The Curious Monk heart 11
From Dismal to Charming heart 11
Enjoying Retirement heart 5
Talking to Birds and Avoiding Oompa Loompa Thailand heart 12
Vacation heart 16
Enough of the South heart 8
Lizard Bouncing heart 3
Across a Metropolis, Halfway Across a Country heart 6
My Second Home heart 1
Gallery of Chiang Mai Photos heart 28
A New Kind of Uphill heart 7
Eeeleephant! Eeleephant! heart 6
Bad Coffee and Worse Coffee and a Great Resort heart 5
Chinese New Year on the Burmese Border heart 6
Zero to Twenty-Four in Four Seconds heart 15
Flatlanders Again and Loving It heart 3
"Just One More Steep" heart 12
Free is No Misunderstanding heart 14
One Foot in Burma heart 12
Do You Recognize This Song? heart 9
Snaking Along the Mekong heart 6
The Warmth of Familiarity heart 7
Photo Gallery of Chiang Khong, Thailand heart 11
I Would Have Missed That heart 2
So Much Wondering heart 9
Winding Down heart 13
A Fondness for Bangkok heart 12