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January 1, 2017



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Total biking miles 1248

Total biking miles on my odometer - 1293

Bus: Hai Binh to Hue - 250 miles

Bus: Quy Nhon to Nha Trang - 150 miles

Total miles covered in Vietnam - 1700

Number of squashed snakes on the road: 63 (Quite a low figure really considering we were in Vietnam for two months.)

Number of squashed eels on the road that must have fallen from a vehicle, originally tallied with the snakes but after some thought about the looks of the thing switched to this category: 1

Number of snakes squashed on the road and then covered with a thick layer of tar: 2

Number of squashed rats on the road: I didn’t count but I can tell you that I’ve never seen so many. And they were huge. There were dozens and dozens of them and probably would have beaten the number of snakes.

Live snakes seen 2

The price of bananas was fairly consistent at around 25-30 small ones per dollar.

Consistently the best papaya and mangos ever. Always right around a dollar each.

Cheapest beer of my life: 15 cents for a large mug of draft beer.

Cheapest guest house - $6.50 in Tri Ton in the Delta

Most expensive guest house - $20 in Hanoi

Best words printed on a woman’s shirt “I’m Fine”

Odd Fact: There are no bungie cords in Vietnam.

Consistently great food, great coffee and great people.

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