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Unchained Melody

Saigon to Bangkok, what's in between is a mystery

By Andrea Brown & Bruce Lellman
1,257 miles (2,023 km) over 89 days between Nov. 19, 2023 and Feb. 15, 2024


Going greaseless heart 28
Why SE Asia Again? heart 59
Packing and prepping heart 76
Little Tornados Everywhere heart 94
The Lucky One heart 22
Soaring heart 31
Into the steam heart 56
Remnants heart 121
The Chid Situation heart 36
A Brief but Odd Invasion heart 27
Four nights in Saigon heart 92
Saigon Photo Gallery heart 124
Riding out of Saigon heart 99
Dragon fruit and coffee heart 137
The scrum of the road heart 87
The Machinist's Melody heart 114
Rest Day in Ben Tre heart 75
On the Road heart 117
This is the house of bubbles heart 138
Vietnam Face heart 85
Little Ambassadors heart 29
Looking inside and down the road heart 177
Final Thoughts on our Short Visit to Vietnam heart 107
Our Last Dinner in Vietnam heart 15


Bikes on the roof heart 148
Tuol Sleng heart 11
Photos of Tuol Sleng heart 79
The Missing Link heart 115
Lookin’ like a freak heart 96
Smiles all Around heart 183
Eat what you can and leave the rest heart 126
Blink of the Eye heart 96
Rest Day in Kratie heart 169
Phnom Penh Photo Gallery heart 114


Shifting our butts around heart 75
Paradise May not Include a Sink heart 128
Where blood pressure drops and time stops heart 271
A Two-Ferry Day heart 172
No signal, the map goes blank heart 162
Rollercoaster Brain Rattled heart 315
A Wat Phou Photo Gallery heart 224
Champasak heart 212


Counting our blessings, and also our kip, baht, and dollars heart 86
Some adventurers will eat tendon heart 149
Bike Stuff heart 32
Ubon Ratchathani, Thailand heart 159
The first koel, the angels did say heart 145
Worrying for nothing heart 126
A New Year heart 165
In Isaan heart 96
For Lucky heart 76
Nothing to cause anguish heart 178
Phanom Rung heart 148
Devouring Like Wolves heart 120
Insightful thoughts to forget later heart 76
The last riding day in Isaan heart 158
But Wait, Before We Leave Isaan Behind heart 96
Bangkok heart 123
Bubble-wrapped mummy bikes heart 106
Heading South at a Slow Pace heart 124
Trying to restore light heart 215
Planet Timelapse heart 48
Pineapple Fields Forever heart 125
The Battleaxe and the Monk heart 92
It’s just so easy here heart 85
Preferring Nothingness to Weirdness heart 103
Surrounded by cows, coconuts, fishermen heart 143
500 Miles Away from Home heart 194
Others of slender means heart 61
The Sea Was Angry That Day My Friends heart 160
A Gallery of Flowers heart 94
Chomlay Restaurant (and Bungalows) heart 145
Play - Swim - Explore heart 217
I’m a freshwater fish heart 72
Itching Like No Tomorrow heart 76
Errand Day heart 82
Dodging Butterflies heart 204
Mysterious Peacefulness heart 109
Medals and amulets heart 154
Everyday - A New Adventure heart 209
A Gallery of Buddha Portraits heart 95
The Journey Set In....Cement heart 163
Mai Pen Rai heart 105
Chinese New Year's Eve in Surat Thani heart 52
A Surat Thani Photo Gallery heart 26
Winding Down heart 52
Riding our trip in reverse heart 75
Pink Eggs heart 17
Back in Bangkok heart 101
Exploring Bangkok heart 103
A Clear View for Memories heart 70
The call of flannel bedding heart 54
BruceStats heart 84
Even I'm impressed heart 7