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Unchained Melody

Saigon to Bangkok, what's in between is a mystery

By Andrea Brown & Bruce Lellman
254 miles (409 km) over 23 days since Nov. 19, 2023


Going greaseless heart 26
Why SE Asia Again? heart 52
Packing and prepping heart 66
Little Tornados Everywhere heart 82
The Lucky One heart 19
Soaring heart 28
Into the steam heart 52
Remnants heart 120
The Chid Situation heart 34
A Brief but Odd Invasion heart 22
Four nights in Saigon heart 87
Saigon Photo Gallery heart 102
Riding out of Saigon heart 88
Dragon fruit and coffee heart 117
The scrum of the road heart 68
The Machinist's Melody heart 92
Rest Day in Ben Tre heart 56
On the Road heart 100
This is the house of bubbles heart 103
Vietnam Face heart 57
Little Ambassadors heart 21
Looking inside and down the road heart 130
Final Thoughts on our Short Visit to Vietnam heart 64
Our Last Dinner in Vietnam heart 11


Bikes on the roof heart 87
Tuol Sleng heart 6
Photos of Tuol Sleng heart 40
The Missing Link+ heart 39
Lookin’ like a freak+ heart 0
+Updated within 1 day
Updated within 7 days