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November 19, 2023

The Lucky One

The Lucky One

I woke up too early on our day of departure, as one does.  Outside was pitch black.   As I lay in bed stunned thinking that we would be embarking on yet another long trip by bicycle in SE Asia, all I could think of was a song by Alison Krauss - The Lucky One.  I had The Lucky One on my little iPod which was next to the bed so I listened to it.  Yes, what a perfect way to start the trip.

In line to go through security at the airport, the tray I got to put all of my pocket contents, had some loose change in it.  The woman ahead of us saw it and she said, "You're the lucky one."  What! Why do these sorts of things keep happening to me?  I mean, for a total stranger to say, "You're The Lucky One," couldn't be more exact to what I had on my mind upon waking.  So random but yet these things seem to happen to me all the time.  It was nice to have this odd connection today because it served to erase something else that happened that had had a more ominous portent.  

I was pulling down the shades of the window seat in the living room where an old Burmese puppet sits.  I've always thought this particular Burmese puppet has energy.  I found it a couple of years ago hanging from a nail on the telephone pole at the corner of my street.  I figured he was looking for the home with all the other Burmese stuff inside.  When I brought him inside my house he was indeed welcomed by my other Burmese puppet who sits across from him on the window seat.  

Anyway, this particular Burmese puppet which came to me from the telephone pole was lying forward on this day of our departure.   His entire upper body was collapsed forward.  This was disturbing to me because it is pretty much impossible for this to just happen on its own.  There has been a ghost in my house, for sure, but she has been quiet for a long time; ever since I brought a spirit house back from Thailand and planted it on a post in the backyard and left the back door open for three days in a row, as instructed by a Thai friend of mine, in order to get a ghost to move out of a house.  It worked.  But the position the Burmese puppet was in on the day I was leaving on a long trip disturbed me and I thought the ghost was back and trying to tell me something through that puppet which I have always felt had powers of his own.  Is this too weird?  I'm just reporting what goes on in my life.  

So, you can understand why when I heard a total stranger say exactly what I had thought earlier in the day, I was going to be alright on this trip.  I righted the puppet and told him he was going to be alright too and that I'd return.

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The Lucky One

You're the lucky one

So I've been told

As free as the wind

Blowing down the road

Loved by many, hated by none

I'd say you're lucky 'cause I know what you've done

Not a care in the world

Not a worry in sight

Everything's gonna be alright

'Cause you're the lucky one

You're the lucky one

Always having fun

A jack of all trades, a master of none

You look at the world with a smiling eye

And laugh at the devil as his train goes by

Give you a song and a one night stand

And you'll be looking at a happy man

'Cause you're the lucky one

Well, you're blessed, I guess

By never knowing which road you're choosing

To you the next best thing

To playing and winning is playing and losing


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Jen RahnLucky Lellman! That's you!

Also, I'm glad to hear the story about the ghost in the big house. It gives the spirit house more dimension.
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2 months ago
Kat MarrinerI love this story, Bruce. You are so aware of the small touches of grace and wonder that surround and interact with you.
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2 months ago