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From the Compound to the World

Starting Again from Ground Covid Zero

By Steve Ruelle
734 km (456 miles) over 329 days since Mar. 16, 2022
Overview heart 1
Starting All Over Again heart 7

The Lockdown Before the Lockdown

Lockdown Begins heart 12
Playing Survivor heart 6

Short Transition Between Lockdowns

Scored a Pass heart 5
The Bullhorn Scare heart 6
The Midnight Break heart 10
Only 4 Days Right? heart 5
Deploying Supplies heart 25
There Will Be House Arrest heart 11
Last Ride Before Lockdown heart 24

The Big Lockdown

Settling In the Trenches heart 11
Food Running Out heart 7
Silent Protests Over Food heart 10
Man Punished for Jogging heart 10
Control Your Soul's Desire for Freedom heart 12
Protests Over Groceries heart 8
Making Up Rules As They Go heart 2
Forced Equality heart 1
Invasions of Privacy heart 7
Incoming Information Anxiety heart 10
A Friend Made a Smart Escape heart 1
When is this Over? heart 2
Can I See the Sun? heart 6
A Friend Tests Positive heart 10
Suicide in the Compound heart 8
Like Caged Animals heart 6
We're Not Part of Society heart 3
No Hope heart 2
We Have a Fence Jumper heart 4
Downsizing for the Future heart 7
How I Got Through Each Day heart 1

Emergence and Damage Control

Assessing the Damage heart 6
Compound Biking Begins Again heart 11
3 Hours of Freedom heart 13
Damage: Achilles Tendon and Glutes heart 3
Damage: Revenge Parties heart 3
3 More Hours of Freedom heart 24
My Brain is Angry heart 2
So-Called "Last" Compound Covid Test heart 7
Wisdom and Courage from Friends heart 4
Damage: Neighbor Suicide Aftermath heart 4
Tentative Normalcy heart 8
The New Normal heart 7
Poo Poo the Po Po heart 6

Recovery Rides (< 20km Radius from Home)

One Day Early heart 20
So-Called Freedom Day heart 10
Takeout or Dine Out? heart 12
20km Never Felt So Far heart 7
Getting Better heart 9

Expanding Outwards (>20 km from home, within Shanghai province)

Surpassing 50km heart 2
Bikes, Boats, and Barbeque heart 27
Hotels in Obscure Places heart 21

Yes It's Really Over

We Create Our Own Destiny (Revised) heart 3
The End of Zero Covid? heart 3
Mass Covid Hysteria heart 4
This is How the Pandemic Ends heart 4
I Caught Covid heart 4
What Was the Point of that Lockdown? heart 2
Covid Recovery Ride heart 7
Victory Lap heart 13
Covid End Game Predictions Were Spot On! heart 1
Downsizing Mega-Project Phase 1 Completed heart 2

Hello World

Planning for a Reset heart 4
First International Flight in 3 Years heart 2
Taking Care of Business heart 3
A Whirlwind of Madness heart 9
After All This Rigmoral, Finally Biking heart 6
Flying Out to Texas with the Bike heart 5

All Git-Out

Day 1: Finally on the Bike heart 7
Day 2: Errand Man+ heart 1
+Updated within 1 day
Updated within 7 days