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From the Compound to the World

Starting Again from Ground Covid Zero

By Fit Steve
1,153 km (716 miles) over 382 days between Mar. 16, 2022 and Apr. 1, 2023
Overview heart 1
Starting All Over Again heart 7

The Lockdown Before the Lockdown

Lockdown Begins heart 12
Playing Survivor heart 6

Short Transition Between Lockdowns

Scored a Pass heart 5
The Bullhorn Scare heart 6
The Midnight Break heart 10
Only 4 Days Right? heart 5
Deploying Supplies heart 25
There Will Be House Arrest heart 11
Last Ride Before Lockdown heart 24

The Big Lockdown

Settling In the Trenches heart 11
Food Running Out heart 7
Silent Protests Over Food heart 10
Man Punished for Jogging heart 10
Control Your Soul's Desire for Freedom heart 12
Protests Over Groceries heart 8
Making Up Rules As They Go heart 2
Forced Equality heart 1
Invasions of Privacy heart 7
Incoming Information Anxiety heart 10
A Friend Made a Smart Escape heart 1
When is this Over? heart 2
Can I See the Sun? heart 6
A Friend Tests Positive heart 10
Suicide in the Compound heart 8
Like Caged Animals heart 6
We're Not Part of Society heart 3
No Hope heart 2
We Have a Fence Jumper heart 4
Downsizing for the Future heart 7
How I Got Through Each Day heart 1

Emergence and Damage Control

Assessing the Damage heart 6
Compound Biking Begins Again heart 11
3 Hours of Freedom heart 13
Damage: Achilles Tendon and Glutes heart 3
Damage: Revenge Parties heart 3
3 More Hours of Freedom heart 24
My Brain is Angry heart 2
So-Called "Last" Compound Covid Test heart 7
Wisdom and Courage from Friends heart 4
Damage: Neighbor Suicide Aftermath heart 4
Tentative Normalcy heart 8
The New Normal heart 7
Poo Poo the Po Po heart 6

Recovery Rides (< 20km Radius from Home)

One Day Early heart 20
So-Called Freedom Day heart 10
Takeout or Dine Out? heart 12
20km Never Felt So Far heart 7
Getting Better heart 9

Expanding Outwards (>20 km from home, within Shanghai province)

Surpassing 50km heart 2
Bikes, Boats, and Barbeque heart 27
Hotels in Obscure Places heart 21

Yes It's Really Over

We Create Our Own Destiny (Revised) heart 3
The End of Zero Covid? heart 3
Mass Covid Hysteria heart 4
This is How the Pandemic Ends heart 4
I Caught Covid heart 4
What Was the Point of that Lockdown? heart 2
Covid Recovery Ride heart 7
Victory Lap heart 13
Covid End Game Predictions Were Spot On! heart 1
Downsizing Mega-Project Phase 1 Completed heart 2

Hello World

Planning for a Reset heart 4
First International Flight in 3 Years heart 2
Taking Care of Business heart 3
A Whirlwind of Madness heart 9
After All This Rigmoral, Finally Biking heart 6
Flying Out to Texas with the Bike heart 6

All Git-Out

Day 1: Finally on the Bike heart 7
Day 2: Errand Man heart 3
Day 3: Who's that Waco on a Bike heart 4
Day 4: From Waco to Better Vibes heart 2
Day 5: Rushing to Avoid a Penalty heart 7
Day 6: Rolling into Austin heart 2
Day 7A: Logistical Headache heart 2
Day 7B: Mission Accomplished heart 0
Day 8: Airline Loses the Bike heart 1

From the World to the Compound

Getting Sorted for Last Week in Vancouver heart 3
Got the Bike Back heart 2
Fixing the Bike heart 8
Rethinking Bikes on Transport heart 1
My System Worked! Major Trip Successes heart 0
How it all Worked Out heart 0
The Long Journey Back heart 1
Made it in One Piece heart 2
It Ends Better Than It Begins heart 0

Takeaways From Lockdown and Trip

Takeaway #1: Downsizing and Minimalism heart 1
Takeaway #2: Be Ready for Emergencies heart 1
Takeaway #3: Details Matter a Ton heart 1
Takeaway #4: Work With Your Brain, Not Against It heart 1
Takeaway #5: Ditch the Haters heart 1
Takeaway #6: Maintain Ties at Home heart 2

Future Directions (Brainstorming Next Tour)

Financial Successes and Challenges heart 1
Lockdown Anniversary and End of Journal heart 0