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From the Compound to the World

Starting Again from Ground Covid Zero

By Steve Ruelle
120 km (75 miles) over 69 days since Mar. 16, 2022
Starting All Over Again (Intro Revised) heart 7

Part 1: The Small Lockdown (Editing in Progress)

Playing Survivor heart 6
Lockdown Begins heart 12

Part 2: Emergence (Editing in Progress)

Scored a Pass heart 5
Flirting with a Lockdown Return heart 6
Midnight Break heart 10
The Looming Lockdown heart 5
Deploying Supplies heart 25
There Will Be House Arrest heart 11
How House Arrest Will Be Utilized heart 8
Last Ride Before Lockdown heart 24

Part 3: The Big Lockdown (Editing in Progress)

In the Trenches heart 11
Food Running Out heart 7
Cracks in the Veneer heart 10
Punished for Jogging heart 10
Failed Supply Lines heart 12
Swings of Chaos heart 8
The End Game heart 2
Forced Equality heart 1
Invasions of Privacy heart 7
A Friend Escapes heart 1
A Long Walk to the Airport heart 4
Administrative Units heart 4
When is this Over? heart 2
The Almighty Compound heart 1
Can I See the Sun? heart 6
Incoming Information Anxiety heart 10
A Friend Tests Positive heart 9
Playing With False Hopes (Revised on Day 50) heart 4
The Mad Logic of Zero Covid heart 5
Hell Has Come to our Compound heart 8
Like Caged Animals heart 6
We're Not Part of Society heart 3
The Playbook to Ruin Hope heart 2
We Have a Fence Jumper heart 4

Interlude: The Freedom Plan

What's Happening heart 6
Planning the Long Game heart 6
The Decisive Move: Getting that CV Out heart 5
First Application Down heart 3
Taking Back my Affairs heart 5

Part 4: Re-Emergence

Friends Getting out and Riding heart 6
Compound Biking Begins Again heart 11
Get Out of Jail Free Card+ heart 13
Passes Rescinded heart 3
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Updated within 7 days