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Coast To Coast

America on Two Wheels

By Bobby Leonard
96 days between Apr. 12, 2017 and Jul. 16, 2017
Loaded Questions heart 1
Six Days Remain heart 2
And so we begin… heart 2
What a beautiful ride heart 1
Vote for Linda! heart 1
The Cookie Lady heart 0
Ride in the Sky heart 1
Rollin’ into the sun heart 1
When can I stop talking about hills? heart 0
Bike problems, New Cyclist Friends, Rain, and Carrot Cake heart 0
Hostels, hills, hikers, and happy heart 0
New friends, trail magic, and rest heart 0
Rain, Hayter’s Gap, and Bike Church Hostel heart 0
KENTUCKY, Generous Church, and once again, hills heart 0
It’s about the people you meet heart 0
Hills, heat, ice cream and new friends heart 0
Trail Magic in Berea, close dog encounter, awesome new friends heart 5
Rolling Hills, Coffee and Baseball heart 2
Trail magic involving donuts, what else does one need? heart 1
First 80 mile day, new riding companions, a shower, and a juicy double burger. heart 0
1,000 miles down, many more donuts, pie, and milkshakes to go heart 0
Bye Kentucky, What’s up Illinois? heart 0
Thai food, college town, and some of the best roads yet heart 0
Popeye’s Hometown, Ice Cream, Flooded Roads, and Coal Trucks heart 0
Missouri, I love you. heart 0
Blue skies, milkshakes, and smooth sailing heart 0
Joy by Ozarks heart 0
Trial magic, turtles, and STORMS heart 1
$0.50 for a dozen eggs, Cowboy Camping, and New Biker Friends! heart 1
One last ‘F you’ from the Ozarks, Donuts, and Little League Baseball heart 4
KANSAS! heart 11
Camping, Light Rain, and Coffee Clubs heart 1
One of those memorable days heart 5
Thank you Kansas for Public Pools, but where da milkshakes at? heart 1
Sunday, but not Sundae heart 1
Life by Milkshakes heart 0
The Mountains are in Sight! heart 0
We’ve hit the halfway point boys! heart 1
Rest day! heart 1
Old Timer and the Crunchy Edges heart 0
The hills are worth the views heart 1
Is this real life? heart 1
It’s not goodbye, it’s smell you later heart 3
Let the windy season begin! heart 0
WYOMING! Sad to see you go, Colorado. heart 0
111 miles on the Great Divide Basin heart 1
Thank you SO much Jen. heart 0
Just one of those days heart 0
Thank you Good Samaritan Mission heart 0
The Start of Yellowstone National Park heart 0
111 miles into Montana through Yellowstone heart 0
Nice and easy to feel the breezy heart 0
Yes, I’ve now witnessed people bobbing for beer heart 0
It’s all about the people you meet heart 0
I love you, Missoula heart 0
Canyon Cruisin’ heart 0
Idaho: America’s underrated state heart 2
Hells Canyon Smells Schmayon heart 0
A Wonderful Family Meal heart 0
One of those days I’ll never forget heart 0
Squad Deep heart 0
3rd and Final Rest Day heart 0
Most memorable 4th of July heart 0
Those Pancakes Are YUGGEEEEE! heart 0
4,000 miles! heart 0
Another Wonderful Oregon Night heart 0
McKenzie’s Pass was Incredible heart 3
Oh, I’ve missed you Eugene heart 0
Rest Day in Eugene heart 0
Friends turned Family heart 1
The Last Night Was Just What I Wanted heart 0
The final pedal heart 0
Portland, feed me please heart 0