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April 26, 2017

Six Days Remain

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Today Liz and I crossed off another food establishment on our list of Richmond eateries to visit before I leave. For those who care, it was a biscuit egg sandwich from Early Bird Biscuit Company & Bakery. Our food list bullet points several of our favorite food places in Richmond I just couldn’t be without for two and a half months. I will be savoring these last seven days and nights with Liz and Biscuit, just like the last two bites of the biscuit egg sandwich. Is that fair to compare? Liz would say yes.

My days consist of crossing off last minute items or jobs before leaving. I have about five more items, most of which just need to be purchased at a dollar store. My bike rig is set-up though, and I’ve been able to ride fully loaded a few times this month. I never would have thought how heavy the bike would feel when loaded, but when you ride it doesn’t  feel that bad. EXCEPT, when your friends wind, rain, and hills come your way. It will definitely suck, but I’m prepared for it, probably not.  Right now I feel excited to just get out on the road after planning for so long. The funny thing is, no planning prepares you for what is yet to come.

Physically, I’ve been in good shape for quite some time now, but I know I’ll take a beating once I’m out there for a week. Mostly my legs, feet, and arse. Mentally I’m pretty focused and determined, but that will change when I’m hungry, dehydrated and tired. At least I’m biking into this knowing it will suck at times, but I wouldn’t be doing it if it were a walk in the park.

What I’m nervous for will always be cars, but I’ve taken precaution through lights and reflective gear to make myself be seen. The most important part is knowing your surroundings, something of which I’ve always been aware of more than others. What I’m most excited for far outweighs any nerves I’m experiencing.  The amazing land I’ll see across the country, the challenges I will face, the food I will eat, and the people I will meet are only some of the experiences I’m looking forward too. Best of all, I get to do it on two wheels.

Her name is Baby Blue, a name given to her due to obvious reasons, but also because it’s my favorite color. I’ll treat her well, and I hope she does the same. When I start humanizing Baby Blue too often in my writing, let me know, I’m probably dehydrated.

Six days left. First state is Virginia. Let’s go.

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