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Poking Around Europe 4.0

Let's try this again

By Kathleen Classen & Keith Classen
2,753 km (1,710 miles) over 56 days between Aug. 29, 2017 and Oct. 23, 2017
Victoria to Frankfurt: Good company on the plane heart 2
Frankfurt: Babies on the plane heart 1
Frankfurt to Rudesheim: A comedy of errors heart 2
Rudesheim to Idar-Oberstein: Exploring the Nahe Valley heart 1
Idar-Oberstein to Bosen: A little bit of everything heart 1
Bosen to Kell am See: A navigational hiccup heart 1
Kell Am See to Trier: Downhill all the way heart 1
Trier to Remich sur Moselle: Exploring Keith's ancestors heart 1
Remich to Metz: A boogeyman in the ditch and bats in the hotel heart 1
Metz: Exploring the city on foot heart 1
Metz to Nancy: It began well, but became a challenge heart 1
Nancy to Epinal: Would someone please turn off the fan! heart 1
Epinal: A relaxing sunny day heart 1
Epinal to Bain les Bains: An unexpectedly fantastic day heart 1
Bains les Bains to Conflandey: The great circle route heart 1
Conflandey to Vesoul: Into the wind - again! heart 1
Vesoul to Besancon: We took the bus! heart 1
Besancon to Dole: Easy riding. heart 1
Dole to Nuits St. Georges: Back into wine country heart 1
Nuits St. George to Beaune and Meursault: Soaked to the Beaune heart 0
Meursault: Riding in the vines heart 1
Meursault to Tournus: Two different rides in one day heart 1
Tournus to Macon: Easy riding heart 1
Macon to Lyon: Blue skies and sunshine! heart 1
Lyon: Traboule hunting and high speed chases heart 1
Lyon to Bourgoin-Jalieu: How did we end up riding through Richmond??? heart 1
Bourgoin-Jalieu to Belley: A perfect, perfect day heart 1
Belley to Belleguarde: The guide said this section is challenging, heart 1
Bellegarde to Archamps: A very up and down day heart 1
Archamps to Thonon Les Bains: Fabulous day all round heart 1
Thonon Les Bains to Lausanne: A ferry ride to start the day heart 1
Lausanne to St. Maurice: Vineyards and valley heart 1
St. Maurice to Sierre: Riding through the valley heart 1
Sierre to Morel: Another fantastic day except for the wasp heart 1
Morel to Oberwald: We are in the Alps! heart 1
Oberwald: Laziest bike tour day ever heart 1
Oberwald to Andermatt: Up and over Furka Pass heart 7
Andermatt to Biasco: A once in a lifetime experience St. Gotthard Pass heart 2
Biasco to Locarno: A tailwind for my birthday heart 1
Locarno to Lugano: A memorable ride heart 1
Lugano: Phenomenal weather heart 1
Lugano to Como: Italy at last heart 1
Como to Sirmione: Bike paths in Italy heart 1
Sirmione to Bardolino: Dawdling along and a happy meeting with a friend heart 1
Bardolino to Riva di Garda: It doesn't get any better than this heart 0
Torbole to Brozza: Exploring the neighbourhood heart 1
Torbole to Trento: Easy riding on the Via Claudia Augusta heart 2
Trento to Bolzano: Another perfect day heart 1
Bolzano to Mittewald: Can it be? A new favourite bike path? heart 2
Mittewald to Mittenwald: Climbing to the top of the Brenner Pass heart 2
Mittenwald to Murnau: So that is how it happened! heart 1
Murnau to Stuttgart: Lakeside riding heart 1
Stuttgart to Freudental: A reunion we have looked forward to all tour heart 1
Freudental to Mosbach: Brakes repaired! heart 1
Mosbach to Frankfurt: A remarkable coincidence heart 1
Frankfurt to Victoria: Airport adventures heart 1
Final thoughts heart 2