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August 28, 2017

Victoria to Frankfurt: Good company on the plane

We are on our way for another European adventure. Keith and I seemed to be somewhat less organized this year, and I started the blog on the plane, the latest start ever. However, we did get the bikes in boxes, make it to the airport on time and are ready to go. The house is looked after, our youngest son and his partner have moved in for the duration and we can relax. We are so pleased that my recovery from last year's dramatic end to the tour went well and we are able to keep rolling.

There was the usual discussion about exactly where we would go this year. North through Brussels, the Normandy Coast and then the Loire Valley were on the table. The final decision is to go south and do the portion of last year's tour that we didn't accomplish after my big splat. There will be no shenanigans like that this year. I am a little more cautious. There has even been some discussion about revisiting the scene of the crime. Oddly enough that is appealing.

Our oldest son came with us to the airport and space was a bit tight in our vehicle. He had the jump seat, conceding the front seat to me as I am older. Thanks, I think.

Brett taking one for the team.
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Our flight to Toronto was smooth as a flight can be and I was seated next to my good friend Anne. We had a great visit and celebratory wine, saying goodbye in the airport as we continue our journey and she goes to the family cottage. Another adventure begins.

Not the greatest picture of us, but maybe that is because of that very generous pour of wine! It was serendipity that we were on the same flight, and a real treat.
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