Winterlude 2020 - CycleBlaze

Winterlude 2020

By Scott Anderson & Rachael Anderson
3,772 miles (6,070 km) over 138 days between Nov. 15, 2020 and Apr. 1, 2021
California Dreamin’ heart 17


The long drive heart 62
A walk in Bidwell Park heart 53
Bidwell Park again heart 66
Llano Seco heart 99
Paradise heart 47
Ord Bend heart 53
Maintenance break heart 17
Cana Road heart 45
The Dodgeland loop heart 33
Paskenta heart 61

Morro Bay

The long drive, part 2 heart 25
Huasna Road heart 48
Montaña de Oro State Park heart 49
Ragged Point heart 79
Lopez Lake heart 41
Cambria heart 61
The SLO road to the coast heart 53
A second pass through Montaña de Oro heart 66
Santa Rosa Creek heart 64
Old Creek Road heart 82

Boulder City

The long drive, part 3 heart 38
Mountains and wetlands ride heart 75
A grim update heart 6
The River Mountains Loop Trail: the eastern half heart 62
Valley of Fire State Park heart 62
Stuck in a loop heart 42


In Wickenburg: Vulture Mine Road heart 31
Arrival heart 43
Deconstructing the Tucson Loop heart 23
Biking my age in miles: 74 heart 66
Two right-sized rides heart 23
Arivaca Road heart 36
Green Valley to Tucson, one way heart 34
Tucson to Green Valley, another way heart 42
A day off the bikes heart 51
A Christmas Eve meetup on the Loop heart 39
The Marana loop heart 11
This is not a time trial heart 17
Sasabe Road heart 41
Moving day / Sweetwater Wetlands heart 41
Just another day on the Loop heart 44
Time trial: 16.8 mph heart 20
John F. Kennedy Park / KERP heart 39
A calendar for 2021 heart 61
Looping in the New Year: a perfect start heart 24
Julian Wash: Beyond Rita Road heart 28
In Sonoita: the ride to Elgin heart 35
In Sonoita: the ride to Patagonia heart 64
Meanwhile, back on the Loop heart 48
Gates Pass heart 51
Colossal Cave heart 43
A breeze of a ride heart 23
The Opa’s Grill ride heart 19
The Seven Falls hike, without the falls heart 46
Another easy moving day heart 23
Saguaro East heart 50
The Wayward Wind heart 34
Julian Wash / Mission Road heart 47
Saguaro Park to Colossal Cave heart 79
Looking ahead heart 30
On a crested saguaro hunt heart 44
A tribute: 44 for 44 heart 48
Rainy day walkabout heart 70
Through a break in the weather heart 29
Hiking day/Biking day/Snow day? heart 44
Carpe diem heart 27
Wolf Moon heart 71
Two rides, one plan heart 20
Marana and murals heart 29
Closing out January heart 23
The Tucson Mural Quest, round 3 heart 30
Mission Road, again heart 27
Colossal Cave, a third way heart 39
Madera Canyon heart 34
Goodbye, Old Paint heart 37
Closing the Loop heart 31
That big mountain to the north heart 54
Gates Pass, revisited heart 53

Leaving Arizona

In Bisbee: a hike in the Mule Mountains heart 48
In Bisbee: Whitewater Draw heart 42
In Bisbee: a hike, and a change of plans heart 61
To Ajo: a drive and a diagnosis heart 7
Organ Pipe National Monument heart 66

Borrego Springs

Coyote Canyon heart 43
The Yaqui Pass loop heart 43
The Borrego Badlands heart 44
The Montezuma loop (incomplete) heart 35
Fonts Point heart 81
The Great Southern Overland Stage Route of 1849 heart 21
San Felipe Road heart 38
Warner Valley heart 17
The Montezuma Loop (complete!) heart 31

Joshua Tree

The Split Rock Trail heart 41
Keys View heart 46
Pinto Basin heart 18

Saint George

The long drive: crossing the Mojave Desert heart 44
Highland Park heart 59
Snow Canyon State Park heart 50
The Zen Trail heart 55
A second moment of Zen heart 16
Zion heart 64
Utah Hill heart 53
The Veyo Loop heart 52
Stitching up a few loose ends heart 41
Pine Valley heart 53
A last look at Dixie heart 56

The slow road to Moab

To Springdale heart 21
Zion in winter (a photo gallery) heart 74
Marble Canyon heart 54
To Mexican Hat heart 50
Natural Bridges heart 126
The Goosenecks heart 52


Potash Road heart 71
Needles Overlook heart 52
Overlooking Canyonlands heart 59
The Mill Creek Rim Trail heart 45
Up Route 128 heart 38
Arches heart 105
Fisher Towers heart 62
Navajo Rocks heart 40
Spanish Valley heart 21


Hickman Natural Bridge heart 42
Caineville heart 57
Capitol Reef heart 48
In the Grand Wash heart 34


The long drive: Brigham City heart 50
The long drive: Baker City heart 25
The long drive: home at last heart 17
Registration woes heart 11
What a long, strange trip it’s been heart 38
Spring Break heart 35