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January 1, 2021

Looping in the New Year: a perfect start

The year gets off to a perfect start, giving us some impressive YTD stats:

  • Average miles per day: 42
  • Average elevation gain per day: 1,100’
  • % of days on the bike: 100
  • Flat tires: 0.

So from this, we can predict a year with 15,000 miles of cycling, 400,000’ of elevation gain, and no flat tires!

Are you starting off the year with any New Year’s Resolutions or significant plans?  We don’t usually go in for that.  We have a lot of hopes and aspirations, but with so much uncertainty in the world we aren’t holding our breath on any of them this year.  Like last year, the plan is to be prudent, keep our health, and make the best we can out of what’s possible.  Sounds like the Serenity Prayer.

I do have one resolution though: to spend just a bit less time with the blog.  Starting now.

Mislabeled. This rabbit is fast!
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What luck! I thought Kelly and Jacinto were driving back north already.
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Got our Bike Fridays in almost in perfect alignment.
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Bruce LellmanYou, as a couple, are in perfect alignment.
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2 weeks ago
Scott AndersonTo Bruce LellmanCaught us in a good moment.
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1 week ago
One last spin down the Loop.
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Eastbound, up the Oro Valley.
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Introducing the Cycle365 challenge for January: Polygons.
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I’m at the turn back point, on a bridge across the wash, watching for Rachael. She lagged behind for a snack and loo break, and I’ve been waiting for perhaps five minutes for her to appear in the distance so she can get her 21 miles in and we can bike back together.
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Finally, there she is. It looks closer here, but she’s at the farthest point of the trail you can see in the photo above. She surprises me by immediately turning around and heading for home. I race after her but never do catch up.
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Ride stats today: 42 miles, 1,100’; for the tour: 1,514 miles, 52,100’; for the year: 42 miles, 1,100’

Today's ride: 42 miles (68 km)
Total: 1,495 miles (2,406 km)

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Gregory GarceauI've seen your 2021 stats,
Forty-two miles a day & no flats,
You've got to like,
Every day on a bike,
Jealousy is driving me bats.
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2 weeks ago
Kathleen ClassenWe beg you remain devoted to the blog
It rained all day here, such a slog
When we can’t go riding ‘cause we’ll get soaked
Seeing your blog gets us really stoked
For now we live vicariously through you
While we wait for the day we see trails that are new

No pressure though! I know how much work it is. We have now biked 50% of the days in 2021...no flats for the year though. Today really was a deluge. We have a creek nearby we walked (with rain gear and umbrellas) to check out. It was an absolute torrent and remarkable to see. Tomorrow will be better 👍.
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2 weeks ago
Scott AndersonTo Kathleen ClassenOh, the blog isn’t going anywhere. I said I’m going to try to spend less time on it, not shut it down. You know how New Years resolutions go though. It’s like plans to lose weight.

A poem! Do you know I’ve been posting these in the Forum?
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2 weeks ago
Kathleen ClassenYes, but I am not sure my entry is worthy now that I have reread it. A poet I am not. We were able to get a ride in today. Finished in the rain but it was fine. We actually saw the sun for a few hours. A refreshing change.
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2 weeks ago