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Two Months of Rhine

from Switzerland to the Netherlands

By Patrick Parno
1,538 km (955 miles) over 49 days between Jun. 4, 2022 and Jul. 22, 2022

Before we leave

Preparation heart 25
Maps heart 11
The Bikes heart 9
What the heck should we pack? heart 8

The Netherlands

Got the bikes! heart 21
Amsterdam to Haarlem heart 27
Haarlem to The Hague heart 25
The Hague via (Hoek of Holland) to Delft heart 37
Delft to Gouda heart 34
Gouda to Amsterdam heart 28
shipping, flying, assembling, and finally relaxing in Zurich heart 32
A walk about old town Zurich heart 29
Chur to Vaduz, Liechtenstein heart 49
Vaduz to Bregenz heart 34
Bregenz to Lindau heart 37
Doing the Lindau Loop heart 25
Lindau to Gottlieben heart 35
Gottlieben to Schaffhausen heart 51
Schaffhausen to Laufenburg heart 27
Laufenburg to Basel heart 44
When in Basel.... heart 22
Wait! What? You're in Colmar already? heart 40
Eguisheim heart 59
Mirror mirror, on the wall heart 69
Quiet rainy day in Colmar heart 23
It was the best of times, ... heart 48
Strasbourg! heart 45
Heidelberg by Train heart 27
So This is Heidelberg heart 49
Heidelberg to Worms heart 53
Worms to Mainz heart 42
Mainz to Sankt Goar heart 42
Sankt Goar castles! heart 52
St Goar to Koblenz heart 58
made it to Metz, France heart 31
It only took one day in Metz to .... heart 45
Biked through 3 countries today.... heart 28
Trier - 9 Unesco WH sites in the city! heart 33
Trier placeholder heart 8
Sights and Sounds of Trier heart 47
Going Rogue - Bernkastel-Kue heart 30
Bernkastel-Kue to Cochem heart 65
It's Castle Day! heart 70
Back to Koblenz heart 47

On the Rhine Again!

What Does Koblenz Look Like? heart 33
Koblenz to Unkel heart 46
It's okay, honey. We'll get to the church on time..... heart 24
Otterlo, Holland heart 28
1500 km!!! heart 37
Sweltering in the Netherlands heart 15
Otterlo to Amsterdam heart 58