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June 9, 2022

Gouda to Amsterdam

sunny days!

Gouda, of course, is famous for its cheese, and they trade these wheels of cheese at the town square on Thursday mornings.

The Gouda cheese market - photo by Paolo
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David SwordNice - they look like hamburgers !
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2 years ago

It rained as we were getting ready to go, but stopped as we were leaving. Sun and clouds the entire way made for a wonderful ride. The towns were just waking up, and we passed hordes of people biking to work and school. The canals lined the pathways - which served both local traffic and bikes - so every house had a bridge to its door.

Riding north out of Gouda
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David SwordThe Marjory - out in front !
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2 years ago

We quickly got out of town and entered farming country north of Gouda. Crossing through a few town centrums, but mostly on cycle paths. Everywhere there were canals.

along canals we saw about 5 cars in dozens of km
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David SwordSo nice, was that a shared road or for bikes only?
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2 years ago
Patrick Parnoshared, but very little, polite traffic
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2 years ago
large tracts of farmland
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David SwordA passing lane or like a road side bike stop ? Any cars allowed on that road ?
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2 years ago
Patrick Parnosince it is single lane, allows for two way, low density traffic
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2 years ago

On the opposite side was more farmland stretching as far as we could see, interrupted by the occasional windmill to keep those canals moving.

our "brodjes" lunch outside "Albert Heijn"
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A quick sandwich lunch outside the Dutch grocery chain, Albert Heijn. Delicious bread, ham, and cheese. The dutch make the very best bread (and chocolate, and cheese, and any milk product actually, and coffee, and  lots of things!).

On the southern outskirts of Amsterdam.
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We came to a T intersection, turned right and all of a sudden we are in a suburban environment- the outskirts of Amsterdam. Really? Just like that, but it was still perfect bike riding cycle paths and sparkling weather.

Typical row houses in Amsterdam.
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David SwordThose are so nice.
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2 years ago

Once we got to the city proper, we saw lots of the above type of row house. Notice the hooks on some of the gables (not the electricity wires!). This is for moving in and out, the stairs are so cramped and vertical, its easier to use a hoist to get heavy or large items up through the window.

We went back to De Vakantiefietster where they packed up the bikes, showing me how to take them apart (and hopefully together). We fly tomorrow to Zurich, and I need to put together both bikes at the airport - my first time. Yikes!

We may be there a while.

that blue dot is Schiphol airport where I am waiting my flight to Zurich
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Today's ride: 60 km (37 miles)
Total: 289 km (179 miles)

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David SwordGood luck — please a report on how the airports function! Pearson (Toronto airport) is a complete horror show.
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2 years ago
Tam PaLong biking day! Good job!
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2 years ago