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June 5, 2022

Amsterdam to Haarlem

missed the rain!

Today we loaded up the bikes for the first time and began our trip. We met our friends outside our hotel, after gathering our bikes from Eric's shop. He let us keep them there overnight even though he didn't normally open the shop (or get up early) on Sunday mornings. What a guy.

Our room was tiny and we kind of panicked trying to fit everything into our panniers.

yeah, its small
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...but we finally got it fit in (sort of) and on the bike.

ready to go. 5 min and our friends rolled up
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So here we are packed up outside our hotel. While the room was tiny, the restaurant was fantastic. Energetic outdoor patio, with enthusiastic staff. On the road out of Amsterdam was fairly quiet compared to yesterday when there were HORDES of cyclists along the paths. Today, the bikes handled very differently with 40 lb on our back racks. But bikes - are everywhere in Amsterdam, parked along the street in dense bunches.

heading west out of Amsterdam
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This was a typical cycle path thru town, here its 2 way, and these are on both sides of the street. As soon as we got out of town a little, the paths stayed perfect, and the density and scenery even better.

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Here halfway between Amsterdam and Haarlem, we stopped for the requisite photo of a molen - or windmill in Dutch. What great cycle paths! The app Komoot made no mistakes and led us directly to our hotel. On a day which showed 95% chance of rain, we made it to Haarlem - a short ride for our first day, in nice weather. Dropped our bags, stowed our bikes at the hotel, and walked around town a bit.

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Parno HeatherLooks like a Disney movie!
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2 years ago

Here Marjory is coming through the Amsterdam gate in Haarlem.

note the Ukrainian flag up top
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I guess we will see these everywhere! We came across  a dome structure in town that looked like a small football stadium. We wandered a 360 around it, trying to figure out what it was. Finally, a Dutch couple told us it was an old prison that had been converted to offices and a cinema. It is shaped in a circle so the guards in the center can watch all the cells on the outside on the perimeter. Here we are inside, and you can see both the offices and the cells.

a re-imagined prison
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Those clever Dutch!

Dinner was Spanish tapas at Bodega restaurant. Now jet lag is reclaiming us, so until tomorrow. Tot zeins!

a nice, easy start...short and flat!
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Today's ride: 18 km (11 miles)
Total: 80 km (50 miles)

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