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July 19, 2022

Sweltering in the Netherlands

a little ride near Otterlo

This morning was already hot and the news was full of the 40 degree weather expected to hit the UK. When you are not ready for this type of weather (no AC for example), it can be lethal. Portugal and Greece are on fire, and Marjory and Pat are melting in Otterlo. So what else to do? Go for a bike ride!

at least its shady
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You can see that there is only one lane for cars/trucks, but two lanes for bicycles. Nothing says priority better than this! The cars/trucks also use the bike lanes to pass each other as this is a two way street, but never when there is a biker.

two way bike lanes
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In many - maybe all? - Dutch towns there is a molenweg (windmill street), and often a windmill. We saw a sign pointing to a molen, so went down the street and see this one. However, you cannot get too close as it appears that somebody is living in it. All the windows have curtains for instance.

a repurposed windmill
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We are not far from the Hoge Veluwe park, but the deciduous trees are dominant here. Thank goodness!

Marjory far ahead on this lonely road
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Back in Otterlo, we stopped at the memorial for the Canadian soldiers who liberated the town in 1945.

"at the going down of the sun...."
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A brief description of the battle is here. It was apparently extremely fierce as the Nazi army realized they were cut off and were fighting for their lives.

part of the memorial
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We had seen a number of these in Germany, but never had a good chance to catch on on disk.  If the video below doesn't start when you click on it, copy the link and paste it into your browser. I want one of these!

Father's Day?

We had this awesome bike shed to store our bikes where the door is activated with your room key.

bike shed
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Inside was spacious, well lit, and had electric outlets for the many eBikes.

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We utilized the garden hose here to clean the bikes, but I am afraid we tuckered out the staff. It wasn't a horse trough, but it'll have to do.

bedraggled by the heat
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Tomorrow we will bike to Ede to catch a train to Amsterdam. High today of 37, and tomorrow a more moderate 34, but it's only an hour ride at most. Tomorrow is our last ride of the Rhine tour. Oh no!!!!

Today's ride: 14 km (9 miles)
Total: 1,516 km (941 miles)

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