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What the heck should we pack?

We have read other blogs about their trips of course, and what to pack is always a tough topic. Since we are not camping, our decisions revolve around clothes, toiletries, and electronics. The "good" camera didn't make the cut, so I will be using my Samsung S10 phone for the pics. This phone and Marjory's iPhoneX will be used for route finding, using Komoot as previously mentioned. Due to the drain of gps, we have a 20,000 mAh battery pack to supplement. We bought two sim cards from Amazon (Orange) that can be topped up once in Europe. So, that's the electronics.

Next, we bought two (back) panniers each and that forms the restriction on volume. We each also have a handlebar bag, and Pat has a trunk bag which is almost filled by our two kryptonite locks. 

Our flight outfit is the same as our "nice restaurant" outfit, and otherwise its casual/biking stuff. We added a pair of shoes for going out, as there will be days when our biking shoes (5-10 mtb shoes for flat pedals) will be soaking wet.

Here's Pat's stuff spread out just before final packing up. We are each taking an MEC (that's like REI in Canada) duffel bag which folds up quite small, and will put everything inside to check. One pannier will fit inside the other for hand luggage. A tiny backpack for Pat and the handlebar bag for Marjory will be our other hand luggage.

Pictured below is Pat's stuff. I did utilize a few "compression zip locks" and a few packing cubes to stay organized. At the bottom left you can see my list of "what to take" and last-minute "things to do".

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David SwordLate in commenting — pack twice the money and half the luggage ? (Old Percy Lawson saying).
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2 years ago

And I think I am ready to go!

late edit: a much more experienced biking friend strongly encouraged me to take the camera, and not rely only on the phone. So, I am taking my Olympus OM-D Mark II but no zoom lens Lyle, no way!

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Steve Miller/GrampiesThe old rule of thumb when packing for a bike tour is take what you think you need, cut it by half, and then again by half and you should be about right. Definitely take the camera, you will be happier with your results.
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2 years ago
Patrick ParnoSteve, this is what my friend told me too. My wife however, heard double it and you will have half what you need. Or something like that!

And Runchun, that is still possible. Again, it will depend on the distance my wife wants to bike that day. We may train to Andermat instead of Chur....
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2 years ago