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June 26, 2022


A Capital of Europe

It turns out there are 4 European Union capitals: Brussels, Strasbourg, Frankfurt, and Luxembourg (city). I remember when I was a boy being so impressed when an older family friend finished his PhD in French in Strasbourg, and had to learn French to do it! Paul Dabbs, I finally visited here!

We spent some time wandering about the city after finding a (possible) solution to the train tix. We'll see if it works tomorrow, but we are taking a (super early) regional train from here to Offenbourg, Germany, then another train via Karlsruhe to Heidelberg. We finally did this ourselves online, as two phone calls to Deutche Bahn gave us no help at all. Tune in tomorrow!

The Rhine river split into several tributaries when running through Strasbourg long ago, and that division has become frozen now with concrete. The city makes use of those streams with restaurants, walkways, and - I am sure - industry.

these streams ran through the city
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We did want to see the Cathedral here, built in the 1400's, and now see it nestled among the postcards and fridge magnets. There is a clock inside which has movement of figures showing a man aging, and prophets fighting bad guys, which was built shortly after and still works and keeps time, displaying its movements at 12:30 every day. However, today being Sunday, the service prevented us simple tourists from being inside at that moment.

incredible gothic cathedral of Strasbourg
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So we got in line and climbed the tower instead. Out the window of the spiral staircase there were super views of the flying buttresses. Quick, does anyone know why all these medieval spiral staircases wind upwards to the right?

flying buttresses
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Susan SagertSo the defending troops coming down the staircase can hold their sword or weapon in their right hand, naturally!
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2 years ago
Patrick Parnoabsolutement!
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2 years ago

There is a viewing platform at the top, showing a wonderful perspective of Strasbourg.

a pigeon's eye view of Strasbourg
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Susan SagertWhat a beautiful vantage point!
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2 years ago

It turns out this platform was a party place back in the day. Every weekend adults (I assume rich adults) would come up here to carouse. Alas, they sold no cold beverages while we were there.

plaque on the platform
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One of the principal sights is the long Pont Couvert adjoining the ancient wall towers. p.s. I would not want to recreate our Basel swim in the Rhine at this point! Still pretty, but ....

note the covered bridge to the right
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When translating the sign below, I just realized they wanted us to walk our bikes on those countless little bridges along the canal yesterday. So that's what those signs were saying.... Oops!

you can walk inside which covers a complete block
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Finally, its back to the hotel to pack for the adventure tomorrow on the train(s). 

First, I do have one wine to try tonight, one I have never liked but is famous in Alsace. On Fred's urging, I will give it a go tonight and let you know. Gewurtztraminer, here I come!

happily surprised with Gewurtztraminer
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It turned out to be fantastic! Of course, I cheated and had a Hugel so maybe all previous ones were not of such quality. But I will be ordering this again! As you can see, Marjory stayed with her Cremont Blanc, but she also liked the Gwurtz.

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Bob RainaFantastic travelogue, guys. Living vicariously with you. I think I may have a German white with supper tonight!
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2 years ago
Patrick Parnothx, Bob, glad you came along for the ride. Did you notice the reference to your saw on the canal ride?
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2 years ago