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July 14, 2022

What Does Koblenz Look Like?

from a bike

In Koblenz, we are staying at the Sander hotel - partly due to the amazing bike storage facility. We rode right into the reception hall (auto sliding double glass doors, flat entry) , checked in, took our panniers onto a cart and up to the room quickly, then bikes out and through an adjacent entrance. And see the lockers! Several places we have stayed have had good storage, but this one makes it easy to take the bikes out while you are staying there as well.

these bike lockers are much larger than they look!
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Suzanne GibsonI am impressed!
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2 years ago
Patrick Parno...and there are three more not shown!
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2 years ago

So, our "day off", we went for a morning ride. No (big) panniers made for a very different feel, and we enjoyed the cool of the day. Back to the forest where we first entered Koblenz about a week ago coming down the Rhine.

the Rhine in the morning
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We found a field beside the forest on the river side with a great view of boats churning their way up and down the river. Marjory decided this was a perfect place for her morning snack.

a snack along the Rhine
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This is the "forest" I have been talking about. On the southwest side of Koblenz, and approaching close to the city, but with a wonderful pathway for morning bikers and joggers.

beautiful forest for bikers and joggers
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Eventually the forest gives way to civilization, and a magnificent park that stretches along the Rhine for several km.

becomes a park along the Rhine
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I am thinking these addresses are a bit pricey. The homes are large, tall, and well landscaped.

very nice houses along the riverfront
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Most of them take advantage of the view with lots of windows.

now that's a room with a view!
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And just when I was admiring the trees, that unique shape caught my eye. Its a Ginkho Biloba to greet me! Its that shorter one on the left in this photo, and its spidery limbs make it quite apparent compared to "modern" trees.

beautiful tall trees and a ginkho!
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So this is the view (usually without my wife) that they pay so much for along this waterfront. The other side of Koblenz along the Rhine.

the view these houses enjoy
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And one fellow likes the view so much he has a glass house. Although its a bit intrusive, you can see him working at a stand-up desk in the bottom right. I am guessing architect.

he'd better not throw stones
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And then to make my day complete, I see a fountain with a horse trough. Yay, clean bikes!

the ever elusive horse trough
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We head back to the lockers of the Sander Hotel, deposited the bikes and walked to the river for lunch. 

There we saw the exact point where the Mosel joins the Rhine.

Mosel on left, Rhine on right
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They have a monument here to the joining of the German "prince states" into a Prussian-dominated Federalist state back in 1871. Rather fitting that its at the confluence of the two rivers.

Deutches Eck
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And the statue is of Wilhelm I, in honour of his role in this unification.

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Quiet day, and much needed actually. Tomorrow we bike to the thriving mini-opolis of Unkel, a halfway stop to get to Cologne.

Today's ride: 14 km (9 miles)
Total: 1,362 km (846 miles)

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