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North from FoCo in NoCo

A bike trip from my home in Fort Collins north to .... somewhere

By Susan Shore
875 miles (1,408 km) over 25 days between Jun. 17, 2012 and Jul. 11, 2012
Introduction heart 1
Equipment heart 1
The stuff, Part 1: The bike and accouterments heart 1
The stuff, Part 2: Detailed packing list heart 1
Communication heart 1
On trying to get out of town heart 1
Fort Collins to Ryan Park, WY: Out the door heart 2
Ryan Park to Saratoga, WY heart 3
Saratoga to Rawlins, WY: Into the Wind heart 2
Day off in Rawlins heart 2
Rawlins to Jeffrey City, WY: Out of the wind ... almost heart 3
Jeffrey City to Lander, WY: Heat! heart 2
Rest day in Lander heart 1
Lander to Crowheart heart 2
Crowheart to Dubois: Thank goodness for the Episcopalians heart 2
Dubois to Hatchet campsite: Over the pass heart 5
Hatchet Campsite to Colter Bay, Teton National Park heart 1
Layover at Colter Bay heart 0
Colter Bay to Grant Village, Yellowstone heart 2
Grant Village Campground to Madison Campground: Old Faithful heart 2
Madison Campground to West Yellowstone: Out of the park, into a hotel heart 2
West Yellowstone to Ennis, MT: Earthquake Lake ... and a longer day than planned heart 4
Another day off ... this one in Ennis: Too windy to ride heart 1
Ennis to Twin Bridges: Over the pass to Virginia City heart 5
Twin Bridges to Dillon: threatening rain heart 3
Dillon to Jackson, MT: Double bump day heart 3
Jackson to May Creek Campground: Big Hole Battle Field heart 1
May Creek Campground to Hamilton, MT: The dreaded Chief Joseph Pass heart 2
Hamilton to Missoula, MT heart 1
Missoula: Getting ready to head home heart 1
Missoula, MT to Fort Collins, CO: An airplane is culture shock after 3 weeks on a bike! heart 1
Epilogue heart 2
Some Statistics heart 1