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Grampies on the Go - Again! Summer 2012

Europe, Powered by Pastries

By Steve Miller/Grampies
6,579 km (4,086 miles) over 128 days between May 20, 2012 and Sep. 24, 2012
Europe: Legend to become Reality heart 0
We Beetle Down to Eugene, Oregon: Oregon Coast Bike Route Preview heart 0
Bike Friday: Wrap it Up - Mark it heart 4
Bike Friday II: Don't Worry, Be Happy heart 0
Portland: Tent City heart 0
Lolo Pass: (or not) heart 0
Return to Mullan, Idaho heart 0
What We Are Thinking Now: (or not) heart 0
Bike Friday - the Reveal heart 2
Ouch! heart 0
What we are thinking now (again) heart 0
Gearheads: The Right Tent heart 0
Shakedown Cruise: The Mother Ship heart 0
Gearing Up: The Mystery Shoppers heart 0
Eugene, Oregon: Bike Friday lessons at World Headquarters heart 0
Florence, Oregon: Riding at Last heart 0
Florence, Oregon: It's Freezing, Up Here heart 1
California: Somewhere near Salinas, Lord. heart 0
California: This really is not Kansas anymore heart 0
Pigeon Point and South: Dora's Dilemma heart 0
Punt! heart 0
California: Ventura to Carpinteria (and back): A flamboyant and entertaining ride heart 0
Venice Beach to Santa Monica (and back): No muscle building for us on the flat path at Muscle Beach heart 0
The High Desert: Alert: This page has fairly little to do with cycling! heart 1
Arizona: Forests of Saguaro heart 0
Vegas: Get us outta here! heart 1
Charging: Not bulls or dogs, not hotels or airlines heart 0
Lolo Pass - from the easy side heart 0
Lock 'em Up: Looking for Peace of Mind heart 1
Equipment: Why Do We Have So Much Stuff? heart 0
Sleep Tight Sweet Bike: Our bags are packed, we're ready to go (not quite) heart 0
You'll get a charge out of this (or maybe not). heart 0
It's the Map, it's the Map, it's the Map! heart 0
For our more alert readers heart 0
Soon to be Grandparents again: It's heart 0
Saving $$$ on WiFi (or not). heart 0
Ready? Set? Dunno: It's the night before Jitters heart 0
We Perch at Missoula, Montana for a while: Training the next generation of Crazyguys heart 0
Happy Birthday: to Steve heart 0
The Newest Generation of Crazyguys heart 0
Montana - this could be exotic for somebody! heart 0
Buying those Bike Fridays: Yet more thoughts on this fascinating subject heart 0
The Trip Sort of Begins: "Whitefish" is real heart 0
Amtrak!: Heading East! heart 0
Montreal: Better than ever heart 0


Day 1: Air TransAt: Butterflies and Goodbyes heart 0
Day 2: England: Powered by Pudding! heart 0
Day 3: London: Impressions of Our First Great City heart 0
Day 4:Horley to Ham: Woke Up, It Was a Chelsea Morning (errm, afternoon) heart 1
Day 5: Ham to Laleham heart 0
Day 6: Laleham to Maidenhead: Having Fun Storming the Castle heart 0
Day 7: Maidenhead to Reading and Oxford: Grampies Go to Oxford (But Do Not Make the Grade) heart 2
Day 8: Oxford, UK: Inside Oxford heart 1
Day 9: Oxford to Wallingford: Messing About in Boats heart 0
Day 10: Wallingford to Aldermaston: More river miles on our private boat heart 3
Day 11: Aldermaston to Crofton, UK: Move Aside, Trail of the Coeur D'Alenes. Flash: Bush 1 Dodie 0 heart 0
Day 12: Crofton to Bath, UK: Ding, ding, Avon Calling heart 1
Day 13: Bath, UK: The View From Home heart 1
Day 14: Bath to Buckland Dinham: At Home in the Pub heart 1
Day 15: Buckland Dinham to Stockton, UK: Ups and Downs in the Downs heart 0
Day 16: Stockton to West Dean, UK: Jubilee! heart 1
Day 17: West Dean to Romsey, UK: It's a Washout heart 0
Day 18: Romsey to Gosport, UK: Stay on Target? heart 1
Day 19: Gosport to Chichester heart 0
Day 20: Chichester to Lancing, UK: Emma and Stuart Taylor! heart 3
Day 21: Lansing to Seaford, UK: A sudden explosion of beauty heart 1
Day 22: Seaford to Hastings, UK: 1066, or not heart 0
Day 23: Hastings to Burmarsh, UK: A Fine Kettle of Fish heart 1
Day 24: Burmarsh to Dover: Up and Over the Cliffs heart 7
Day 25: Dover -Castle Day: And the White Cliffs of Dover heart 8
England in Retrospect heart 1


Day 26: Dover UK to Guines, France: Grampies Invade Europe heart 11
Day 27: Guines to Moulle (at mid day), then Auchy Au Bois, France heart 4
Day 28: Auchy aux Bois to Arras, France: Grampies Land on Their Feet - Again! heart 9
Day 29: Vimy Ridge: No Man's Land heart 3
Day 30: Arras to Bezons, France: How Are You Gonna Keep 'Em Down on the Farm after They've Seen Paris? heart 2
Day 31: Paris heart 2
Day 32: Paris: Didier's Paris heart 12
Day 33: Paris to Nantes, France: Do Not Try This at Home heart 2
Day 34: Brittany: So many Crepes! heart 1
Day 35: Nantes to MontJean sur Loire, France: A Perfect Day heart 15
Day 36: Montjean to St. Mathurin, France: Fete du Velo heart 1
Day 37: St. Mathurin to Montsoreau, France heart 4
Day 38: Montsoreau to Savonierres, France: Fairy Tales heart 3
Day 39: Savonnieres to Amboise, France: Tour de Tours heart 4
Day 40: Amboise to Huisseau sur Cosson, France: Les Vedettes de la TV Francaises! (Stars of French TV!) heart 6
Day 41: Huisseau sur Cosson to Beaugency, France heart 1
Day 42: Beaugency to Jargeau, France: Frequent Cyclists heart 2
Day 43: Jargeau to Gien, France: A Feeling of Well Being heart 2
Day 44: Gien to Saint Satur, France: Don't Let the Pigeon Drive the Bike heart 3
Day 45: Saint Satur to Nevers, France: Ground Zero (no, not that Ground Zero) heart 1
Day 46: Nevers to Bourbon-Lancy: A Little Like Saskachewan heart 1
Day 47: Bourbon-Lancy to Palinges, France: C'est La Carte, C'est La Carte, C'est la Carte! heart 2
Day 48: Palinges to Chagny, France: Real bikes heart 6
Day 49: Chagny to Verdun sur le Doubs, France: Green or Blue, our way is beautiful (except for Chalons - sort of) heart 12
Day 50: Verdun sur le Doube to Dole, France: In Search of Louis Pasteur heart 9
Day 51: Dole to Chalezeule (a bit beyond Besancon): Allez! Allez! The Tour de France! heart 5
Day 52: Chalezeule to L'Ile sur Doubs: Not Quite Kansas Anymore heart 4
Day 53: L'Ille sur Doubs to Mulhouse, France: That's heart 7
Day 54: Mulhouse, France to Augst, Switzerland: Hey, where's the cheese and chocolate? heart 3
France in Retrospect heart 1


Day 55: Augst Switzerland to Waldshut, Germany: It's Schnitzel Time! heart 13
Day 56:Waldshut to Gailingen, Germany: Dropped in to Switzerland for lunch and then back again for tea heart 17
Day 57:Galingen, Germany to Tagerwilen, Switzerland: Switzerland Reconsidered heart 9
Day 58: Tagerwilen, Switzerland to Bohringen, Germany: Links, Rechts, Geradeaus (Left, Right, Straight ahead) heart 1
Day 59:Bohringen to Tuttlingen, Germany: Where Babies Come From heart 0
Day 60:Tuttlingen, Germany: Compulsory Rest Day heart 0
Day 61:Tuttlingen to Sigmaringen, Germany: Along the Upper Danube heart 0
Day 62: Sigmaringen to Munderkingen, Germany: Real villages heart 2
Day 63:Munderkingen to Leipheim, Germany: Peace and quiet (or not) heart 3
Day 64: Leipheim to Donauworth, Germany: Schwenningen, begin again heart 3
Day 65: Donauworth to Ingolstadt, Germany: Hills and Headwinds but Grampies Get to Third Base (out of Eight). heart 0
Day 66: Ingolstadt to Neustadt, Germany (at mid day), then Kapfelberg: It's a long hot road to Regensburg heart 1
Day 67:Kapfelberg to Straubing, Germany heart 1
Day 68: Straubing to Passau, Germany heart 2
Day 69: Passau, Germany: Fun with Friends heart 6
Day 70: Passau, Germany: One more look before heading up the Inn heart 1
Switzerland and Germany in Retrospect heart 0


Day 71: Passau, Germany to Braunau, Austria heart 2
Day 72: Braunau to Holzoster, Austria: New, photos from Fucking, Austria heart 2
Day 73: Holzoster to Salzburg, Austria: Stille Nacht, Heilige Nacht heart 2
Day 74: Salzburg, Austria: The Sound of Mozart's Music heart 0
Day 75: Salzburg to Pfarrwerfen, Austria: Riding the thin white line down the mountain, by the iron rail, in the rain. heart 3
Day 76: Pfarrwerfen to Irdning, Austria heart 3
Day 77: Irdning, Austria: An Inspiring Landscape (with Apple Strudel bonus) heart 1
Day 78: Irdning, Austria: The Dachstein! heart 11
Day 79: Irdning to Gesause National Park, Austria: Take Me Back to the Rivers of Belief (or not) heart 2
Day 80: Gesause National Park to Grossraming, Austria heart 0
Day 81: Grossraming to Au (on the Donau), Austria heart 2
Day 82: Au to Marbach, Austria: The Weenie Weg heart 0
Day 83: Marbach to Krems, Austria: Melk! heart 2
Day 84: Krems to Klosterneuburg (Vienna), Austria: Made it to what will be our farthest point East! heart 0
Day 85: Vienna heart 0
Day 86: Vienna: A quiet second look, or not! heart 2
Day 87: Vienna to Salzburg (at 3 p.m.) and on to Ulm: Goodbye Sacher and Mozart (in that order). heart 0
Austria in Retrospect heart 0

GERMANY (again)

Day 88: Ulm to Riedlingen, Germany: Deja Vue (backwards) heart 0
Day 89: Riedlingen to Hausen, Germany: Neither thunder and lightening nor rain nor heat.... heart 0
Day 90: Hausen to Rottweil, Germany: Onto the Neckar? Not so fast, eh! heart 0
Day 91: Rottweil to Tubingen, Germany heart 0
Day 92: Tubingen, and onward to Stuttgart, Germany heart 1
Day 93: Stuttgart to Kirchheim, Germany heart 1
Day 94: Kirchheim to Neckargerach, Germany heart 0
Day 95: Neckargerach to Mannheim, Germany heart 0
Day 96: Mannheim to Ibersheim, Germany: A Diet of Worms (and more Worms) heart 0
Day 97: Ibersheim to Mainz, Germany heart 0
Day 98: Mainz to Geisenheim, Germany heart 0
Day 99: Geisenheim to Koblenz, Germany: Through the Valley of the Lorelei heart 0
Day 100: Koblenz to Bonn, Germany: The Bridge at Remagen (or not). heart 0
Day 101: Bonn to Merkenich (beyond Koln) heart 2
Day 102: Merkenich (Koln) to Krefeld (Duisburg), Germany heart 0
Day 103: Krefeld to Niedermormter, Germany: Hell on wheels heart 2


Day 104: Niedermormter, Germany to Ooij, Netherlands heart 1
Day 105: Ooij to Wageningen, Netherlands: We are starting to get the "point". heart 1
Day 106: Wageningen to Zeewolde, Netherlands heart 6
Day 107: Zeewolde to Lelystad, Netherlands: At the bottom of the Zuiderzee heart 2
Day 108: Lelystad to Wijdenes, Netherlands: Let us go to the banks of the ocean, where the walls rise above the Zuiderzee heart 7
Day 109: Wijdenes - to Edam and then Ursem: Up with the cows heart 7
Day 110: Ursem to Makkum, Netherlands: Over the Afsluitdijk! heart 7
Day 111: Makkum to Enkhuizen, Netherlands: Going in giant circles heart 0
Day 112: Enkhuizen to Egmond, Netherlands heart 3
Day 113: Egmond to Katwijk, Netherlands: Never on Sunday (should you cycle near the beaches of Amsterdam) heart 3
Day 114: Katwijk, Netherlands: A day with a master cyclist heart 0
Day 115: Katwijk to Brielle, Netherlands heart 1
Day 116: Brielle to Zierikzee, Netherlands heart 1
Day 117: Zierikzee to Groede, Netherlands: A Day of Serendipity heart 7
Netherlands in Retrospect heart 0


Day 118: Groede, Netherlands to Brugge, Belgium heart 13
Day 119: Brugge to Middelkerke, Belgium heart 7
Day 120: Middelkerke to Ieper (Ypres), Belgium: In Flanders Fields heart 5
Day 121: Ieper , Belgium to Bray-Dunes, France heart 1
Day 122: Bray-Dunes, France to Dover, UK: Grampies Evacuate at Dunkirk heart 1
Belgium in Retrospect heart 1


Day 123: Dover, UK heart 0
Day 124: Dover to Canterbury, UK (and back): Grampies' Canterbury Tales heart 2
Day 125: Dover to Horley, UK: Mostly by train heart 1
Day 126: Horley, UK: Goodnight, sweet bikes. heart 1
Day 127: London, UK: London Blitz Fails heart 0
Day 128: London, UK to Montreal, Canada: It's Over, But Not Finished heart 0
Looking back - what we remember most and how it feels to be back.: Hey, get us outta here! heart 0
One Last Thing heart 1
Have a look at our new journal! heart 0