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April 10, 2012

For our more alert readers

Some of our more alert readers may have noticed that the number of days until our departure has magically gone from 27 to 40. Are you wondering if we are moving our departure date? In fact, we had a bit of a rethink and decided that even though we will leave home on April 23rd or so that since we are first driving in our car to Montana (home of the lovely and ever so delightful Avi and Violet) for a 2 week visit, then going by train to Montreal (home of the beautiful Amelia) and only on May 20th hopping an airplane for London, Gatwick-our "trip" really only starts once we are on the airplane. So for the next month there will still be occasional updates from the places mentioned above, but the real journal will only start on May 20th with the airplane.

What have we been up to in recent days? Catching up on all the mundane chores that are necessary when you abandon your home for six months is what. This includes adding fencing to a height of 6' to try to keep the deer out of our gardens, tidying up piles of junk all over the farm, doing the many minor repairs that spring always seems to bring, and so on. More to come later.....

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