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Danube 2013

Ron & Carol cycle the River Danube

By Carol Dunlop
1,734 km (1,077 miles) over 30 days between May 28, 2013 and Jun. 26, 2013
Why???? heart 1
Equipment & Packing List heart 1
Two Days to Departure: Test Ride heart 1
One More Sleep: Our bikes are bagged, and so are we! heart 1
We Are On Our Way! heart 1
Frankfurt to Donaueschingen: Trains, trains, and stairs heart 1
Rain, rain!!: Did I mention that it rained? heart 3
Tuttlingen to Sigmaringen: Castles and More Castles heart 1
Sigmaringen to Munderkingen: Floods, Detours, and Mud!!! heart 1
Munderkinggen to Ulm: A date with Mr Gortex...again!!! heart 2
Ulm To Donauworth: Woohoo....bring out the sunglasses!! heart 1
Donauworth to Neuberg: Peddling with fish...believe it or not!!!! heart 1
Nueberg to Vohburg: No water, just mud heart 1
Pictures and More Pictures heart 3
Vohburg to Bad Abbach: Highways and more highways heart 1
Bad Abbach to Worth: Another crazy adventure....hospital! heart 2
More Pictures heart 4
Worth to Straubing: Ron gets released! heart 1
Straubing To Linz, Austria: 194.62 kilometres by train, 5 kilometres by bike heart 2
Linz to Grein: OMG...get me off the crazy highway!!! heart 3
Grein to Durnstein: The BEST day so far!! heart 3
More photos from "The Best Day" heart 1
Durnstein to Tulln: I knew it wouldn't last! heart 1
Tulln To Vienna: More flood destruction heart 2
More photos: More of our journey to Vienna our and stay in Vienna heart 3
Vienna to Hainburg: OMG...are you really sure that swearing is not allowed on this site???!!! heart 1
Continueing Vienna to Hainburg Photos heart 4
Hainburg to Narad, Slovakia: Kilometre after kilometre of dyke trails. heart 2
Narad to Komarno: Whine, whine and hopefully some wine. heart 0
Komarno, Slovakia to Esztergom, Hungary: A day of hell. Hellish highways and hellish heat. heart 1
Esztergom to Vac: Wharever...bring it on! heart 2
Vac to Budapest: Wooooohoooooo....we made it!!!!!!! heart 2
Summary heart 1
Budapest Photos heart 0
Bikes get a free ride on airlines both directions! heart 1