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Atlantic NorEaster

A North East Atlantic Coast loop tour starting and ending in West Virginia

By David Fritsch
2,107 miles (3,391 km) over 38 days between May 15, 2012 and Jun. 21, 2012
Introduction heart 2
Home to Hancock, Maryland: heart 1
Hancock, MD to Thurmont, MD: heart 1
Thurmont, MD to Timonium, MD: heart 1
Timonium, MD to Columbia, Pennsylvania: heart 1
Columbia, PA to Morgantown, PA heart 1
Morgantown, PA to Conshohocken, PA: heart 2
Drexel Hill Rest Day: heart 1
Conshohocken, PA to Philipsburg, NJ heart 1
Phillippsburg, NJ to Port Jervis, NY: heart 1
Port Jervis, NY to Highland, NY: heart 0
Highland, NY to Norfolk, CT: heart 0
Norfolk, CT to Union, CT: heart 0
Union, CT to Westborough, Mass.: heart 0
Westborough, MA to Derry, NH: heart 0
Derry, NH to Ogunquit, ME: heart 0
Ogunquit, ME to Raymond, ME: heart 0
Raymond, ME to Conway, NH: heart 0
Conway, ME to North Woodstock, NH: heart 0
North Woodstock, NH to Woodsville, NH: heart 0
Woodsville to Bethel, VT: heart 0
Bethel, VT to Middlebury, VT: heart 0
Middlebury, VT to Newcomb, NY: heart 0
Newcomb, NY to Old Forge, NY: heart 0
Old Forge, NY to Redfield, NY: heart 0
Redfield, NY to Fair Haven, NY: heart 0
Fair Haven, NY to Sodus Point, NY: heart 0
Sodus Point, NY to Rochester, NY: heart 0
Rochester, NY to Lockport, NY: heart 0
Lockport, NY to Niagara Falls, Ontario: heart 0
Niagara Falls, OT to Irving, NY: heart 0
Irving, NY to Erie, PA: heart 0
Erie, PA to Meadville, PA: heart 0
Meadville, PA to New Castle, PA: heart 0
New Castle, PA to Mt. Lebanon, PA: heart 0
Rest day in Mt. Lebanon (Pittsburgh): heart 0
Mt. Lebanon, PA to Connellsville, PA: heart 0
Connellsville, PA to Meyersdale, PA: heart 0
Meyersdale, PA to Keyser, WV (Home): heart 0
Final thoughts, equipment, clothing, logistics & other geeky stuff: heart 0