Achtung Baby: Bavaria with a GPS & Some Great Canadian Gear (Tour 13) - 2014 🇩🇪 🇦🇹 🇨🇭 - CycleBlaze

Achtung Baby: Bavaria with a GPS & Some Great Canadian Gear (Tour 13) - 2014 🇩🇪 🇦🇹 🇨🇭

Three Friends Resume on Six Wheels

By Brent Irvine
623 km (387 miles) over 19 days between May 18, 2014 and Jun. 5, 2014
Thank You Mr. Mark Twain... you wrote exactly what I was thinking heart 1
What's in a Name? heart 0
Back on Track heart 1
My Guiding List of What to Bring heart 0
Tickets Purchased heart 0
How do I Train in This?: Global warming gone awry heart 0
Airlines and their Timey-Wimey Price Variances: What colour paint did you ask for? heart 0
Mondetta Paves the way to a Very Canadian Presence: Canadian Olympic Curling (GOLD that is!!!!) Jersey Takes on Two Wheels heart 0
In Four Weeks I will be on the Road heart 0
Eleven Years Ago Today: Have I been on CGOAB that long? Has CGOAB been around that long? heart 0
Three Weeks...: aka... drei wochen heart 0
May the Fourth be with You: Two weeks before I get a move on it. heart 0
Inspector Gadget's Opinion: Wowsers: Four days to go heart 0
Twas the Night Before Flying...: When All Through the House... heart 0
Sunday, May 18: A Drive to Timmins then flights YTS-YYZ-ZRH: For Those About to Bike: We Salute You heart 0
Monday, May 19: Arrival to Flughafen, Zurich, Switzerland - Bruttisellen: Unpacking & assembling the bike and a little warmup ride heart 1
Tuesday, May 20: Bruttisellen - Konstanz: Let's see how fit I am. Or am not. heart 1
Wednesday, May 21: Konstanz - Lindau, Germany: Crossing the Bodensee by ferry then riding along the vineyards heart 0
Thursday, May 22: Lindau - Immenstadt: The climbing starts now heart 0
Friday, May 23: Immenstadt - Fussen: Green meadows in the rain and a Konig's Schloss heart 0
Saturday, May 24: Fussen - Murnau am Staffelsee heart 0
Sunday, May 25: Murnau am Staffelsee - Bad Tolz: The last sunny day ever, it would seem. heart 0
Monday, May 26: Bad Tolz - Munchen: It's all downhill from here heart 1
Tuesday, May 27: Munchen: A day of 'rest' from the bike heart 0
Wednesday, May 28: Munchen - Bad Tolz: Am I having a deja vu? heart 0
Thursday, May 29: Bad Tolz - Bad Aibling: Rolling hills then soppy wet rolling hills... Are we there yet? heart 1
Friday, May 30: Bad Aibling - Umrathshausen: Drawn out breakfast, watched it rain, rain stopped. We cycled. heart 0
Saturday, May 31: Umrathshausen - Traunstein: Lakeview. Alpview. Sunnyside up. heart 0
Sunday, Jun 1: Traunstein - Salzburg, Austria: heart 0
Monday, Jun 2: Salzburg: Wandering Mozart-style on 0 wheels heart 0
Tuesday, Jun 3: Salzburg - Munich by train: In a way, the beginning of the end heart 0
Wednesday, Jun 4: Munich: Tricks to manoeuvring a house-sized bicycle box heart 0
Thursday, Jun 5: MUC - YYZ - YTS and a Drive to YCN: Go. Wait. Go. Wait. Go. Go. Home. heart 0
Afterthoughts - Mondetta Jersey: Is it good for cycling? heart 0
Afterthoughts - Garmin eTrex 30 GPS: Would I take it again? Is it reliable? heart 0
Afterthoughts - Arkel TailRider: Does it live up to the Arkel name? heart 0
Afterthoughts - This Tour: Routing, Logistics. Weather. And such. heart 0