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January 23, 2014

Back on Track

WELL, well, well. If it's not one kernel of an idea to cycle tour, it's another.

I had started my northern Scotland journal but then unpublished it when the possibility of going started to lessen a while back. In the meantime, a couple of friends, with whom I cycled along the Danube in 2011 have asked if I would like to join them for a few days of cycling around Bavaria. Maybe to Fussen. Or Salzburg. Or Passau. Or some combination... whatever it was, I emphatically said 'yes'. For the time being, that would shelve the Aberdeenshire ride to another day - hopefully sooner than later.

With all of these details out of the way, I got to thinking that I would not mind a few additional days of touring. Any tour is great, but a longer tour is even better. So, I thought to myself, wouldn't it be simply grand to fly in a few days earlier, then ride to meet them, joining them after a few days of solo riding? Just like I have done in so many other tours. Yes it is quieter and oftentimes a bit lonely, but that can be good, too. You see, it allows hour after hour of contemplative pedaling with every intersection in the road a choice for my final destination. In effect, a modern-day safe adventure!

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