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January 24, 2014

My Guiding List of What to Bring

THIS is a page everyone can skip unless you are considering replacing me on this trip. I bring along what I want to bring even if some think me a wee tad silly. Yes, I like a radio at night. A Kobo to read a number of books as is my wont when I tour.

Other than that, this list is a work-in-progress to organize my own thoughts. So move along.

Packing List:

-BIKE & CYCLING GEAR- Raleigh Olympian touring bike with fenders and rear rack, Arkel EXR rear panniers, Arkel Tailrider trunk bag (**NEW**), mirror, spare spokes, spoke wrench, spare tubes, patch kit, tire iron, phillips/slot screwdriver, allen keys, swiss army knife, adjustable wrench, duct tape, lube, Canadian flag and whip pole, chain tool, pliers, milk bags, courier bags

-CLOTHING- cycling shorts, LS cycling jersey, cycling jacket, light weight fleece, cycling shoes, helmet, cycling gloves, socks(2 pair), undergarments(2 pair), dark long pants, dark t-shirt, ball cap, sunglasses & case

-TOILETRIES- toothpaste, toothbrush, soap & case, shampoo, razors, towel, clothesline cord, deodorant, nail clippers

-MISCELLANEOUS- pens, notebook, guidebooks, compass, gps, maps, address book, camera, SD card & charger, AA batteries and charger, passport, ATM card, watch, keyrings to secure pack zippers, zip ties, latex gloves, lexan spoon, knife, fork

-FIRST AID KIT- bandaids, tape, gauze pads, aspirin/tylenol, anti-biotic cream, anti-nausea medication, gravol

I picked up one of these a few years back. It is a combination AM/FM radio and cycle computer. I have always been a radio person. For whatever reason I prefer to listen to the radio versus a CD/DVD/MP3 and such. This Sony ICF-M88B runs on a couple of AA batteries, so will use the same charger as for the gps batteries. My only real alternative would be a radio or music player with headphones, but I don't like cables all over me, not to mention not being able to hear approaching vehicles. I will be able to dial in tunes as I pedal along.
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** Forgotten Items **

Umbrella - especially if I have been on the bike in the rain, I don't want to wander about afterwards unprotected

Backpack - Again, in wandering about, it is nice to be able to carry things as a daypack, whether a school bag or an Arkel Bug bag

Whistle/Bell - Essential on bike paths and through bike-friendly areas to warn slower traffic of your approach

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