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May 29, 2014

Thursday, May 29: Bad Tolz - Bad Aibling: Rolling hills then soppy wet rolling hills... Are we there yet?

MORE will be written soon, but suffice to say that rain began this afternoon. Quite a lot.

When we left town, up we went through the pedestrian area. Right past where I stayed a few nights ago. Then the gps kept trying to turn us back the wrong way. Despite our protests, it kept saying to go up this hill and return back that way. No, we said. Keep straight. The gps finally listened.

The weather was pretty good though there were some rolling hills. We stopped at a gas bar to get some snacks and that is when the rain started. A sprinkle at first, then it continued to a fairly heavy rain that kept getting into my eyes and collecting on my sunglasses. Plus, it was cold. We were quickly cold and soaked. Then there were the hills and the cars zipping by and splashing us. Though it was 'only' a couple of hours, it was horrible. Almost enough to pack it in and tour by 'gasp' bus or something. Okay, maybe not.

Into Bad Aibling, which was not extremely lovely, we found that the weekend was a holiday weekend due to Father's Day. That is why the stores are closed and the schools are deserted. That is why the restaurants are closed. That is why the first gasthof was full. The second one had a room, so we packed in the bikes and warmed up inside. A roof and dryness never felt so good.

The Italian restaurant and bar was open so we had dinner there before returning to the hotel. The hotel had umbrellas for us to use which was a lucky break. Because the friggin rain would not stop. Why can it not fall somewhere like central Australia or US midwest or parts of the Sahara where they actually need the rain. I must openly say that on a bike tour there is no teal need for rain. Enough said.

Just starting out that morning and right in the town is this attractive property. It is the kind of rustic fence I want in my own yard on the lake side.
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Interesting fence post structure.
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Though the photo does not do it justice, this climb was a really tough grind that was steep, long and windy. We took a break when we got to the top. Only to be faced with another impossible climb. We walked most of the next one.
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Looking back behind us were these clouds. For the most part we were keeping ahead of the oncoming rain. Eventually it caught us. And oh, did it ever.
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More rolling alpine meadows. I just cannot get enough of them.
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After a few hours of driving cold rain and sloshy shoes, we found room in this pretty nice hotel. This was the lobby that greeted us.
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Today's ride: 54 km (34 miles)
Total: 513 km (319 miles)

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