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May 17, 2014

Twas the Night Before Flying...: When All Through the House...

... THIS cyclist was sure stirring getting ready to go, making sure I have everything... but not TOO much. I have to carry the stuff over those mountains, and it is going to be hard enough as it is.

Well, tomorrow it is. At long last. I am so excited it brings back so many memories of my Istanbul to Lisbon 2003 trip. My concern, though, is that due to the weather in my area, I have had next to no training. In fact, we had 5 cm of snow a couple of days ago. That's right, on May 15th. Everyone around here was tickled pink. At least for the nature enthusiasts around here (ie those looking to go fishing) the ice FINALLY left the lakes. That same snowy, day, ironically,

I was finally able to get a box from Canadian Tire last weekend so this past week I dis-assembled the bike, and slipped it into the box. Next, I checked to make sure the box would close. It did.

Suggestion for other cyclists: Once you have your bike in its box, get hold of some nylon strapping which you can get at some automotive or industrial outlets. Get enough for three straps that can go around the box with a few feet of extra. Whether plastic clips or steel clips, use the clips to tighten the straps. Way better than tape, and at the other end you can re-use the straps/clips to return.

I got myself a box of this strapping and a bag of clips. Not expensive at all, they are light but extremely strong. Use it as your main box strapping with packing tape as a backup and your box should be able to circumnavigate the globe through every luggage-flnging-handler's workplace. At the other end, throw them into the bottom of your pannier to strap the box for your return home.
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