Velocipoenology: Sampling Iberian Grape 'Juice' with Two Wheels (Tour 14) - 2015 🇪🇸 🇵🇹 - CycleBlaze

Velocipoenology: Sampling Iberian Grape 'Juice' with Two Wheels (Tour 14) - 2015 🇪🇸 🇵🇹

Madrid to Lisboa through Extremadura & Alentejo

By Brent Irvine
611 km (379 miles) over 19 days between Mar. 30, 2015 and Apr. 17, 2015
Some would ask if there is a purpose: To which I would reply... heart 1
What to Bring, What to Bring: Don't bring the kitchen sink! heart 3
Changes. Changes. Everywhere changes: The ol' switcheroo... again!!! heart 1
I Summon up Remembrance of Things Past: Oh thank ye, Will. The 30th has stayed with me for many a year. heart 1
Getting Down to Business: This business of grape 'juice'. heart 1
Changed the Starting Date Again: That much sooner heart 1
Flying Takes so Long I Wish I Could Bike There: Timmins-Toronto-Frankfurt-Madrid then Lisbon-Frankfurt-Toronto-Timmins --- I hope I have a good book heart 1
And then There Were Ten: Days, that is. heart 1
Less Than a Week: Six-sevenths of a week to go heart 1
T50 Project: Part 3 heart 1
Almost Time to Move my Feet: Semana Santa... Here I Come! heart 1
Monday, March 30 - Cochrane to Timmins with a two hour wait and a missed connection to MUC: Let's Gooooooooo...! heart 1
Tuesday, March 31 - YYZ-FRA and FRA-MAD: With a three hour wind delay in FRA heart 2
Wednesday, April 1 - Madrid, Spain Meander: Resting up for tomorrow's ride heart 1
Thursday, April 2 - Madrid to Navalcarnero: I finally get onto the bike heart 1
Friday, April 3 - Navalcarnero to Torrijos: Entering Castilla-La Mancha on Santa viernes heart 1
Saturday, April 4 - Torrijos to Navalmoral de la Mata: Catching up to myself heart 2
Sunday, April 5 - Navalmoral de la Mata to Castanar de Ibor: I'm heading into the mountains! heart 1
Monday, April 6 - Castanar de Ibor to Trujillo: Pizarro's home town heart 1
Tuesday, April 7 - Trujillo to Torre de Santa Maria: Bulls, sheep and cattle amongst the trees heart 1
Wednesday, April 8 - Torre de Santa Maria to Montijo: A strong tailwind propels me past olive and cork trees before the rain falls heart 1
Thursday, April 9 - Montijo to Elvas, Portugal: Rainy roads to Portugal heart 1
Friday, April 10 - Elvas to Estremoz: Hey, that's not mist over 'there'; that's rain coming 'here' heart 2
Saturday, April 11 - Estremoz to Evora: Through the mists of time to an old Roman city heart 1
Sunday, April 12 - Evora to Montemor-o-Novo: A softly-lit beautiful morning ride heart 0
Monday, April 13 - Montemor-o-Novo to Cajados: Happy Birthday Dad! heart 0
Tuesday, April 14 - Cajados to Barreiro: Turning 25 into 35 heart 0
Wednesday, April, 15 - Barreiro to Lisboa: Ferry ride across the Rio Tejo to the capital. Lisboa. heart 0
Thursday, April 16 - Lisboa: Last day of Portugal heart 1
Friday, April 17 - LIS to FRA to YYZ to YTS to Cochrane home: Early start to a very long day heart 1
Home Again, Home Again, Jiggety-Jog.: What is it like to trade life on the road with life in a house? heart 1