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April 14, 2015

Tuesday, April 14 - Cajados to Barreiro: Turning 25 into 35

MY last open day of cycling on this trip, I decided to meander a bit more, so instead of 25 km today, I would stretch it out to 35 km.

Even my host suggested that I not linger since rain was expected. I was on the road around 7:30 am heading to Barreiro via Moita. Though the road was a narrow winding road through the fields, it was still quite busy. Cars. Delivery vans. Buses. Trucks. And lots of them. All but one car were respectful. This other one multi-beeped then raised his arm as if to ask what was I doing on his road. And yet the law dictates 1.5 m space as they pass. I win.

Lunch of fish, savoury bread pudding of some sort, olives and bread. And vinho tinto. This is the estuary of the Rio Tejo, with Lisboa off in the distance.
- Barreiro, Portugal
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I headed to Moita but as I arrived I was not impressed so I put the coordinates of the residencial into the gps and started to the terminus. Apartment block after apartment block, the area looked like 'the projects'. Not beautiful. After all, it is a port city - never my fave. I turned a corner and found a locked building with the sign just above. Nobody answered the bell but within a short time along came a woman who spoke a tiny bit of french, then the owner who originates from New Jersey, so spoke perfect english.

He is a cyclist so understood my concern about locking up the bike, let me into my room early, then we had a nice chat about cycling in Portugal, immigration, living in Portugal, and where to visit here in Barreiro. A really decent guy.

I dropped the bags then headed to the port to buy my ticket for tomorrow's ferry to Lisboa for €2.80 for a half hour ride. Pretty good! Then across the tracks to a restaurant that backed onto the estuary, beach about 10 m away. As I watched the ferries pass, listened to the water lap the sandy beach, and sipped my wine, I enjoyed my views across to Lisboa. Fish, bread pudding, olives, bread and vinho tinto. Nice penultimate day.

As I mentioned, this area is like 'the projects' with dozens or hundreds of huge apartment blocks everywhere. Thankfully, I had brought a business card from here because I got mixed up on my return, and I had to ask a postman for directions to return safe and sound.

I went out to get a few groceries for tomorrow morning and I must say that there were a few iffy characters around. I am also making sure my window is closed and well locked when I head out.

Of course, tomorrow I head into Lisboa via the ferry. The dock is at Praça do Commercio. Depending on the weather, I am thinking of taking a ride westwards along the water to the Tower of Belem and the Monument to the Discoveries. Last time here in 2003 I did not see them, but in 1982 we did. I would like to see them again. This monument was featured in Season 23 of The Amazing Race. Not that this programme is true creative drama, but it does 'bring' me to many places around the globe. Some I have seen; some I have never seen. It is a good feeling to arrive to something you experienced on the television. So, to those who are Amazing Race fans... stay tuned!

PS I see that my current distance is 596 km. I could not bear not reaching 600 km or more, so even if there is a deluge tomorrow, I am going for a ride. I can dry off.

PPS This evening I am getting the first twinges of travel withdrawal pains. After the excitement and anticipation of the trip, the pain and breathlessness on some days, the soggy days, the sunny days where I literally flew with the wind, the great hosts I have met, and the food, oh the great food... all of this will be over in a few short days. Then the chaos of racing through airports trying to make a scheduled flight despite ten thousand people getting in the way.... aahhhh. Travel. Cannot live without it!

Residencial Principe €30

Today's ride: 35 km (22 miles)
Total: 596 km (370 miles)

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