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Scaling the Alps to the Italian Lakes - Tally Gals

A Six Week European Cycling Adventure

By Jane Fletcher & Marcia Meale
724 miles (1,165 km) over 45 days between Aug. 19, 2023 and Oct. 2, 2023
Bike and Hike heart 38
Luxembourg - for about a minute heart 82
Romanischer day heart 46
Grapes, Grapes, and Wine heart 32
Up to the castle! heart 33
Zwaan heart 16
Medieval castle day heart 22
Venice day 2 heart 38
Venice, history on steroids! heart 68
Best Off The Bike Day Ever heart 26
La Serenissima heart 23
Roman ruins and ancient churches heart 50
Solferino heart 42
Stuck on “tour” power level heart 34
Two households, both alike in dignity, In fair Verona, where we lay our scene heart 42
Multi-modal biking heart 45
Castles and palaces heart 77
And then there were 6 heart 59
Riding the Sky’s of Lake Garda heart 28
Day off in Riva heart 38
Onward to Lake Garda heart 63
Riding the levy (Old Railroad) to Trento heart 38
More Castles, Vineyards, and our first mechanical issue conquered heart 27
The Word of the Day - Orchards heart 46
Along the River through the Pass Next to the Lakes heart 66
Sunny skys, flat through the river valley heart 21
Another Tally Gal Arrives! heart 56
On to Austria heart 27
Into the High Alps heart 61
Sunshine on the Alps’ New Snowfall heart 48
Up and through the Brünig Pass heart 31
Almost to the High Alps heart 43
The Up Side of a Rainy Day heart 47
Downhill to Lake Thun heart 45
Riding the Valleys heart 69
Worked off today’s treats heart 48
Amazing Medieval Castle and Idyllic Lake Tour heart 48
Train - Geneva to Vevey heart 44
Planes, Buses and no Luggage!!!! heart 23
Getting ready to take off heart 21
Moving on…. heart 4
Up and down riding along an old rail line heart 19
So Long Zwaan heart 21