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Hvala: It's Been Thirty Sweet Years (Tour 16) - 2016

Since 'Tour Number One' in '86

By Brent Irvine
413 km (256 miles) over 16 days between Oct. 16, 2016 and Oct. 31, 2016
Sep 13 - Bought my Ticket: A wee bit of history. And other goings-on. heart 0
Oct 9 - Happy Thanksgiving to All and to All...: It's only seven more days heart 0
Oct 15 - Tomorrow I Begin the Begin: A cloud with a silver lining. heart 0
Oct 16 - Flight Timmins (YTS) to Toronto (YYZ) to Rome (FCO) to Trieste (TRS): Cars, planes and airports heart 0
Oct 17 - Trieste, Italia: Still trying to get there heart 0
Oct 18 - Trieste to Piran, Slovenija: First day on the road heart 1
Oct 19 - Piran to Novigrad, Hrvatska: Rolling hills of grapes, olives, and even kiwi heart 0
Oct 20 - Novigrad to Motovun: Winding road to an exquisite mountain village heart 0
Oct 21 - Motovun to Poreč: Back down to the sea and into a huge towering cumulonimbus cloud with lightning and rain heart 0
Oct 22 - Poreč to Rovinj: Will fig schnapps REALLY give me energy to climb back up that hill? heart 1
Oct 23 - Rovinj to Pula: Nothing but blue skies, do I see heart 0
Oct 24 - Pula: Taking a well-deserved day of rest heart 0
Oct 25 - Pula to Opatija (by bus): So far, so good heart 0
Oct 26 - Opatija to Ilirska Bistrica, Slovenija: Big climbs through sunny forested hills heart 0
Oct 27 - Ilirska Bistrica to Postojna: Meeting up with my past (I was here in 2003) heart 0
Oct 28 - Postojna to Sežana: It's almost all downhill from here at 4 C heart 0
Oct 29 - Sežana to Trieste, Italia: Back to where it all began heart 0
Oct 30 - San Pier dʼIsonzo (near Trieste Airport): Getting closer to the departure point in style heart 0
Oct 31 - Trieste TRS to Munich MUC to Toronto YYZ to Timmins YTS: And then a drive home to Cochrane heart 0
Epilogue: After the Glory: What's in store over the next thirty years? heart 0
Post Trip Shakedown: Burn off that extra energy heart 0