Oct 29 - Sežana to Trieste, Italia: Back to where it all began - Hvala: It's Been Thirty Sweet Years (Tour 16) - 2016 🇭🇷 🇸🇮 🇮🇹 - CycleBlaze

October 29, 2016

Oct 29 - Sežana to Trieste, Italia: Back to where it all began

Rooms Tra I Rivi, 5, Trieste

WHILE some hill-climbing can last for what feels like an eternity, a complete trip can flash by in the blink of an eye. Here I am back in the room I stayed when I first got to Italy almost two weeks ago. Hills, wind, rain, sun, seafood, beautiful scenery, truffles and wine. Now I am packed to return home.

Back to the centre of Sežana which was quite pretty.
- Sežana, Slovenija
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The motel offered a breakfast so I lounged around before a yummy breakfast of croissants, mandarins, granola, yogurt, meats and cheese. Being the last day of riding, I did not want to have it end too soon.

Expansive views of the Gulf of Trieste, across to Koper, Piran and inland to the hills of Istria.
- Trieste, Italia
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I got rolling around 0900 but headed back into town. I needed an atm and preferred a small town to a hectic city to get this done. I started back on my gps guided ride to Trieste, and rather than the straight road through, I ended up meandering through a truck customs area where trucks from all Europe were going through what looked like a checkpoint. They just waved me through.

Just to the right of centre you can just make out a church and its tower. My bnb is in the same piazza just across the road from that church.
- overlooking Trieste, Italy
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And then I was in Italia. The border really was a few hundred metres from the hotel. The road became increasingly busy until I reached a park with an obelisk. The park had originally been a historic site where Napoleon was trying to forge a roadway.

This park had stunning views down over Trieste, across the water to Koper and Piran, and to the distant mountains of inland Istria. I stayed there to take in the vista for quite some time.

The beginning of Scala Santa, a hair-raising 23% descent right down to Piazza Tra I Rivi where my B&B is located.
- Trieste, Italy
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I could have stayed longer but decided to get going. I could actually see my destination, but was not sure how direct the route would be. Well, it was direct. Directly down a 23% descent which had my hands formed into claws after clutching the brakes all the way down. I had to crouch over but behind my seat so the rear wheel stayed on the road, and I crept down, not wanting the front wheel to slide sideways on the cobbled street. Or should I say cobbled death ramp?

My pedaling ended right here in Piazza Tra I Rivi after two weeks of cycling Istria.
- Trieste, Italia
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This slow creeping took fifteen or twenty minutes and every time a car came roaring up the hill (what the?) I pulled to the side to let the insane pass me by.

When the road kind of leveled out, I had two 90 degree turns and was in the square by the BnB.

The view out my B&B window into Piazza Tra I Rivi.
- Trieste, Italia
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Wow. My 30th anniversary tour done in terms of the cycling part. I had fiddled around to keep the last kilometres at bay, but here I was. Outside the door of my bike's suitcase's resting spot. After the momentous end-of-trip photo beside the church I rang the owners then carried my bike upstairs. There was the case. There was my same room. Here I was. So, with nothing better to do, I put on CBC to listen to Fresh Air and began the task of dismantling the bike.

While I listened to the radio, not only were they talking about fall rides, but they also mentioned truffles. I could not resist so messaged them about my fall ride and eating truffles in Motovun. Wouldn't you know it, but they read my email on the air. Pretty cool.

it did not take long before the bike was folded, in pieces and in the case. Done. There was nothing left to do but wander around Trieste and have a pasta and wine lunch/supper. My walk took me to the harbour where the very glorious-looking Costa Mediterranea was docked. The whole area was fenced off with police all around but it seemed everyone in the city was there to see the ship. As an aside, I think it is a sister ship to the Costa Concordia which had an awful end.

I wandered the streets til I had had enough then wandered back to the bnb to call it a night. I had checked the bus schedule so knew I did not depart Trieste til 1055.

Today's ride: 22 km (14 miles)
Total: 395 km (245 miles)

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