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September 13, 2016

Sep 13 - Bought my Ticket: A wee bit of history. And other goings-on.

SO many years ago, when I was a much younger lad in school, I was bitten by the two-wheeled bug. Two wheels before four; pedal power before engine. On one of those long-ago days a friend of mine mentioned something about taking his bike overseas to tour around. What?! At the time, I did not even know that touring with a bike was a 'thing'. It had not even donned on me. Sometimes I am a wee bit slow!

As the wheels on my bike turned as I attended uni, so did the wheels in my head begin to turn. Lo and behold, in 1986 British Airways took me to the UK where I struggled along through hills and dales throughout the British countryside. And LOVED it. Hooked.

Since that famed tour of '86 I have headed to a number of places through the years with one bike or another, though my favourite being my 1985-purchased Raleigh Olympian.

I've had it since 1985, upgraded it, babied it, kept it indoors. This was last year in Lisbon; this year (2016) my Raleigh Olympian will accompany me to Croatia. It is MY monument to discovery.
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Being engineery, financey and numbery, it more than occurred to me that 2016 minus 1986 is 30. That is, thirty years since that 'first' great tour. Would it not be suitable to mark this momentous occasion with another fab tour? Methinks yes.

My great big celebration ride kept being pre-empted until I thought to myself, "Brent, stop pre-empting." So I did more than thought it. I bought a plane ticket to put a stop to this wretched thing called pre-empting.

Though I may miss the first snows of the season, maybe I can replace those woes (ya right, I hate winter) with some Istrian terroir-generated sippings. To go with daily doses of fruits-de-mer. Can't get any better.

I couldn't decide between northwestern Spain, southwest England or northeastern Scotland. Somehow, Istria won.

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