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October 17, 2016

Oct 17 - Trieste, Italia: Still trying to get there

BnB Tra I Rivi, 5

THANKFULLY, I had hours in Rome to wait for the line to move to get my boarding pass for the next flight. Thankfully, there were reclining benches to rest on in a corner of the concourse so could get some much-needed sleep. Thankfully, there is a bus to take me from the Trieste airport to the city centre. Thankfully, my bike bag has wheels so will be able to pull it along on its leash. Thankfully, the BnB has a bed because after assembling the Dahon I am going to drop into a deep sleep... or drop dead!

The Trieste airport is awesome. It kind of looks like the Varadero airport yet is some smaller, overall something between Timmins and Varadero. Getiing the bike bag was very simple, there were no lines anywhere, in the lobby is a tourist desk where they sell tickets for the E51 bus from the airport to the Trieste main bus terminal in the centro for €4.05 I wandered out to one of the two buses sitting there, one of which was E51, popped the bike bag into the cargo hold, and within ten minutes or so, the bus was away. Being a local city bus it went all over the place and picked up people all along the route so by the time it reached the centro it was absolutely jam packed.

Obviously the airport is on much higher ground - as the bus drove along the road descended most of the way. Initially there were beautiful high vistas across a hazy Adriatic (views across to Venice in the distance) but as the bus approached the train and bus stations, the road was almost at sea level.

Though I could have hopped off a way back from the station, I wanted to see where to go when I return in two weeks to head home. This gave me a little longer walk but overall it was 900 m. My GPS guided me perfectly to the BnB though I took my time when I found that one of the main wheels on the suitcase had been broken somewhere in transit. I suppose no surprise considering the weight in the bag if it fell full force on a wheel.

I managed to get to my place without a problem where the hostess and her family helped me up with the bags, even allowing me to use an un-rented room to assemble the bike then store it overnight. They will also be storing my bag for me while I am on the road, so I have to say that this place is excellent in terms of service, and in general, Trieste seems quite nice.

Finally arrived to my B&B early enough in the evening, yet still after sundown.
- Trieste, Italy
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Though smallish, my room was a cute little thing with enough room since they let me assemble and keep my bike in the adjacent room.
- Trieste, Italy
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The room adjacent to mine, it was unoccupied for the evening, so the owners of the B&B were happy to let me assemble the bike right in the room. They even said they would safely store the bike's suitcase in their apartment while I was out cycling. Awesome service.
- Trieste, Italy
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