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JP McCraicken With The News

Breifing From The Road With The Full Story Post Tour

By Sean Kane
9,602 km (5,963 miles) over 129 days between Sep. 10, 2016 and Jan. 16, 2017
Sat 10th Sep: Salta to La Vina heart 1
The News: Salta to Chilecito-Sat 10th to Fri 16th Sep heart 0
Sun 11th Sep: La Vina to Cafayate heart 0
Mon 12th Sep: Cafayate to Santa Maria heart 0
Tue 13th Sep: Santa Maria to somewhere on the way to Hualfin heart 0
Wed 14th Sep: Somewhere on the way to Hualfin, to Belen heart 0
Thu 15th Sep: Belen to San Blas heart 0
Fri 16th Sep: San Blas to Chilecito heart 0
Sat 17th Sep: Day off in Chilecito heart 0
The News, on Sunday the 25th of September: Assault on touring cyclist in Argentina: we ask our expert is the country a safe travel destination? And, this week's short tale of the road. heart 0
Sun 18th Sep: Chilecito to 47km < Villa Union heart 0
Mon 19th Sep: 47km < Va Union to > 72km heart 0
Tue 20th Sep: Villa Union > 72km to 119km < San Juan heart 0
Wed 21th Sep: 119km < San Juan to San Juan heart 0
Thu 22th Sep: San Juan to Va Media Aqua < 21km heart 0
Fri 23th Sep: Va Media Aqua < 21km to Mendoza heart 0
The News, on Saturday the 15th of October: News in breif. Cyclist having a great time heart 0
Mendoza heart 0
Thu 29th Sep: Mendoza to somewhere heart 0
Fri 30th Sep: somewhere to San Rafael heart 0
Sat 1st Oct: San Rafael to 18km < Sosenado heart 0
Sun 2nd Oct: Sosenado to Malargue heart 0
Mon 3rd Oct: Malargue to Bardas Blancas < 30km (approx) heart 0
Tue 4th Oct: Bardas Blancas > 30km (approx) to Ranquil Norte heart 0
Wed 5th Oct: Ranquil Norte to 42km < (approx) Chos Malal heart 0
Thu 6th Oct: 42km (approx) < Chos Malal to Chos Malal heart 0
Fri 7th Oct: Chos Malal to 19km < Las Lajas heart 0
Sat 8th Oct: 19 < Las Lajas to Zapala heart 0
Sun 9th Oct: Zapala to NP Laguna Blanca heart 0
Mon 10th Oct: Laguna Blanca to beyond Las Coloradas heart 0
Tue 11th Oct: Las Coloradas to Junin de Los Andes heart 0
Wed 12th Oct: Junin de Los Andes heart 0
Thu 13th Oct: Junin de los Andes heart 0
Fri 14th Oct: Junin de Los Andes to San Martin de Los Andes heart 0
Sat 15th Oct: San Martin de Los Andes heart 0
...and before that: coming next weekend heart 0
Sun 16th Oct: San Martin de Los Andes to Lago Villarino heart 0
Mon 17th Oct: Lago Villarino to km2081 heart 0
Tue 18th Oct: km2081 heart 0
Wed 19th Oct: km2081 to Bariloche heart 0
Thu 20th Oct: Bariloche to Rio Foyel heart 0
Fri 21th Oct: Rio Foyel to El Bolson heart 0
Sat 22th Oct: El Bolson heart 0
Sun 23th Oct: El Bolson, day 2 heart 0
The News, on Saturday the 29th of October: The Pound is still down in value. And should you pay to cycle in national parks? heart 0
Mon 24th Oct: El Bolson to Lago Rividavia-PN Los Alerces heart 0
Tue 25th Oct: Lago Rividavia to Punta Mattos, PN Los Alerces heart 0
Wed 26th Oct: Punta Mattos to Rio Percy heart 0
Thu 27th Oct: Rio Percy to Esquel heart 0
Fri 28th Oct: Esquel, day 2 heart 0
The News, On Saturday The 12th of November: Cyclist faces strong wind. And the main man of the journal talks about it's future heart 0
Sat 29th Nov: Esquel to Trevelin heart 0
Sun 30th Oct: Trevelin to near Corcovado heart 0
Mon 31th Oct: near Corcovado to somewhere camped by a river.... heart 0
Tue 1st Nov: near Lago Wintter to near Rio Pico heart 0
Wed 2nd Nov: near Rio Pico to near Gobernador Costa heart 0
Thu 3rd Nov: near Gobernador Costa to La Laurita abandoned roadhouse heart 0
Fri 4th Nov: La Laurita to Alto Rio Senguer heart 0
Sat 5th Nov: Alto Rio Senguer, rest day in tent due to strong wind heart 0
Sun 6th Nov: Rio Senguer to Paso Alta Pampa, Chile heart 0
Mon 7th Nov: Alta Pampa to near Villa Ortega heart 0
Tue 8th Nov: Villa Ortega to Coyhaique heart 0
Rest days in Coyhaique: Wed 9 Nov to Tue 15 Nov 2016 heart 0
Reflection: Lago Posadas Route 2010 heart 0
The News, on Saturday the 3rd of December: Near disasterous crash, but Sean continues without a scatch. And Patagonia, is it really as pristine as it seems? heart 0
Wed 16th Nov: Coyhaique to ? heart 0
Thu 17th Nov: ? to woodland approx 10km beyond Cerro Castille heart 0
Fri 18th Nov: Beyond Cerro Castille to ? heart 0
Sat 19th Nov: ? to Lago Carrera heart 0
Sun 20th Nov: Lago Carrera to near ? heart 0
Mon 21th Nov: near ? to turning for Paso Raballos (17km north of Cochrane). heart 0
Tue 22th Nov: Turning for Paso Raballos to Rio ? heart 0
Wed 23th Nov: Rio ? to Rio Baker Mirador (up a steep hill after the turning for Villa Tortel) heart 0
Thu 24th Nov: Mirador Baker to 42km before Villa O'Higgins. heart 0
Fri 25th Nov: Bog campsite to Villa O'Higgins heart 0
Sat 26th Nov: Villa O'Higgins to near Lago Desierto heart 0
Sun 27th Nov: near Lago Desierto to El Chalten heart 0
Mon 28th Nov: Rest day Chalten heart 0
Tue 29th Nov: Chalten rest day 2 heart 0
Wed 30th Nov: Chalten rest day 3 heart 0
Thu 1st Dec: Chalten, rest day 4 heart 0
Fri 2nd Dec: Chalten to Rio Leona-Lago Argentino. heart 0
Sat 3rd Dec: Rio Leona-Lago Argentina to Calafate heart 0
Sun 4th Dec: route 15 Calafate to Lago Roca heart 0
Mon 5th Dec: Lago Roca to Punta Bandera and back to Calafate heart 0
The News, on Saturday The 17th of December: Dirt on the camera lens, Sean says it's the least of his worries. And the remote desolate Route 40 heart 0
Tue 6th Dec: Rest Day Calafate. heart 0
Wed 7th Dec: El Calafate to Lus Devine (Pinkhouse) heart 0
Thu 8th Dec: Lus Devine (Pinkhouse) to aprox 20km north of Tres Lagos heart 0
Fri 9th Dec: aprox 20km north of Tres Lagos to Lago Cardiel heart 0
Sat 10th Dec: Lago Cardiel to 20km west of Gobernador Gregores heart 0
Sun 11th Dec: 20km west of Gob Gregores to near Las Hornaquitas heart 0
Mon 12th Dec: near Las Hornaquitas to approx 10km north of Bajo Caracoles heart 0
Tue 13th Dec: approx 10km north of Bajo Caracoles to Lago Buenos Aires heart 0
Wed 14th Dec: Enforced day off at Lago Buenos Aires due to strong wind heart 0
Sun 18th Dec: Puerto Ibanez to El Blanco heart 0
Thu 22th Dec: Coyhaique-day-off 4 heart 0
Fri 23th Dec: Coyhaique to hillside beyond Villa Ortega heart 0
Xmas Eve: Hillside campside to near Villa Armengal heart 0
Xmas Day: near Villa Arengal to Puyuhaupi heart 0
The News, On Wednesday the 18th January heart 0
Tue 27th Dec: Puyuhaupi to x10 (road for Lago Verde) 16km heart 0
Wed 28th Dec: x10 km16 to Lago Verde heart 0
Thu 29th Dec: Lago Verde to La Junta heart 0
Fri 30th Dec: La Junta to Santa Lucia heart 0
New Years Eve: Santa Lucia to Futaleufu heart 0
New Years Day: Futaleufu to Trevelin heart 1
Mon 2nd Jan: Trevelin to south of Esquel heart 0
Tue 3rd Jan: a few kms south of Esquel to Gualjaina heart 2
Wed 4th Jan: Gualjaina to Piedra parada heart 5
Thu 5th Jan: Piedra Parada to Cushamen heart 3
Fri 6th Jan: Cushamen to El Maiten heart 0
Sat 7th Jan: El Maiten to El Bolson heart 0
Mon 9th Jan: El Bolson, Rest-day 2 heart 0
Tue 10th Jan: El Bolson to Gendemaria Nacional (border police post, Lago Puelo route to Chile) heart 0
Wed 11th Jan: Gendemaria to far side of Lago Inferior heart 0
Fri 13th Jan: near Primero Corrial to Rio Manso heart 0
Sat 14th Jan: Rio Manso to Cochamo heart 0