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Grampies Go to Florida Spring 2015

Snowbirds for 6 weeks

By Steve Miller/Grampies
1,872 km (1,163 miles) over 45 days between Feb. 2, 2015 and Mar. 18, 2015
2017 Introduction: The "Rest" of the Story heart 1
What, Again? heart 1
How to Get There (and back) heart 1
The Route heart 3
"Business" Cards heart 0
Weighty Matters: Gearing Up for a 2200 km Spin heart 0
Camping Gaz: We Don't Really Know Dick ('s) heart 0
Last Week: Mapping Panic - so what else is new? heart 0
Wrong Distance Call heart 0
Hit Me! heart 0
The Misty Island heart 0
Mutant Mosquitoes? heart 0
Day 1: Seattle to Fort Lauderdale: A Warm Welcome heart 0
Day 2: Fort Lauderdale: The Icing on the Knees heart 0
Day 3: Fort Lauderdale to Coral Gables: Have You Got the Radar on There? heart 0
Day 4: Coral Gables to Florida City heart 0
Day 5: Florida City to Islamorada: Kablaam! - We need to be Re-tired. heart 0
Day 6: Islamorada to Knights Key: Miffed by Muffins heart 2
Day 7: Knights Key to Key West heart 0
Day 8: Key West to Sugarloaf Key heart 0
Day 9: Sugarloaf Key to Knights Key heart 0
Day 10: Knights Key to Islamorada: A People Day heart 0
Day 11: Islamorada to Florida City heart 0
Day 12: Florida City to Long Pine Key heart 0
Day 13: Long Pine Key Campground to Royal Palm Visitor Center, and back: The day the world didn't end. heart 0
Day 14: To Ernest Coe Visitor Centre and Back heart 0
Day 15: Long Pine to Flamingo: Journey to the "End of the World" heart 0
Day 16: Flamingo: To the Back Country and Out Into the Bay (all by boat) heart 0
Day 17: Flamingo to Florida City heart 0
Day 18: Florida City to Miccosukee Casino! heart 0
Day 19: Miccosukee Casino to Midway Campground, Big Cypress Preserve heart 0
Day 20: Midway to Trail Lakes Campground (Ochopee) heart 0
Day 21: Ochopee to Big Cypress Bend Fakahatchee Boardwalk, and back: Not much of a rest day! heart 0
Day 22: Ochopee to Imokalee heart 0
Day 23: Immokalee to Fort Myers heart 0
Day 24: Fort Myers to Arcadia heart 0
Day 25: Arcadia to Bartow heart 0
Day 26: Bartow to Auburndale: Punt! heart 0
Day 27: Auburndale to Mabel Trailhead to Homosassa: with b-Assist! heart 0
Day 28: Homosassa: Where's the Beef? heart 0
Day 29: Homosassa to Ridge Manor to Dunnellon: Recumbent Central heart 0
Day 30: Dunnellon to Kate's Fish Camp (on the way to Hawthorne) heart 0
Day 31: Kate's to Palatka: Take off my hat and hit me with a bat (but don't sell me a stale apple fritter)! heart 0
Day 32: Palatka to St. Augustine heart 0
Day 33: St Augustine to Gamble Rogers State Recreation Area (Flagler Beach) heart 0
Day 34: Flagler Beach to New Smyrna Beach heart 0
Day 35: New Smyrna Beach to Port St John heart 0
Day 36: Port St John: Blast (ed) Off! heart 0
Day 37: Port St John: The one armed paper hanger heart 0
Day 38: Cocoa: Consolation Prizes heart 0
Day 39: Cocoa to Fort Lauderdale: One step closer to home heart 0
Day 40: Fort Lauderdale: Stir crazy heart 0
Day 41: Fort Lauderdale: Getting ready to fly heart 0
Day 42: Fort Lauderdale to Seattle heart 0
Day 43: Seattle to Home heart 0
Day 44: Healing Begins heart 0
Day 45: Home: Taking a hit for the Hits? heart 0
What We Thought of "Going to Florida" heart 0
What It Cost heart 0
Healing Practitioners heart 0
The Thrill of Victory, the Agony of Having to Wait heart 0
New Toys, Old Goals heart 0
Physio Update heart 0
Getting Back on Track heart 0
Grampies to Ride Again: With healing of the spirit, and healing of the limb. heart 1
Appendix: Some Unexpected Great Customer Service heart 0
The Rest of the Story: A polite Canadian request heart 0
The Florida legal industry heart 0
Contingency fee - pro and con heart 0
ICBC: Not totally Mr. Nice Guy heart 0
How it came out for us. heart 0