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Northbound from Argentina through Brazil

A cycletour from Andean North West Argentina to the coast of Brazil

By Sean Kane
15,415 km (9,573 miles) over 301 days between Aug. 5, 2010 and Jun. 1, 2011

Introduction.: The years up to this tour.

Summer 88: first multi-day bikeride. heart 0
The 1990s: I, a creative courier. heart 0
The 2000s: Cold nights heart 0
2004 to the present: Places unlike Europe. heart 0
This tour: why Brazil? The bike, tent and other bits and bob. heart 0

North West Argentina.: No not yet, I like it too much here.

Salta: La linda -The fair heart 0
Day ride on Route 68.: Salta to Km150 return. 83kms heart 0
Stock take: What's in the bags. and other matters. heart 0
I'm sad to be leaving..: Yet another day or two in Salta.. heart 0
Salta to Cafayate. Days 1 and 2.: Rolling at last. heart 0
Cafayate to Tucuman.: The Quilmes, Amaiche and what's so good about porridge anyway? heart 0
Tucuman.: The year 1816. heart 0
Towards Santiago del Estero. Days: which I take a wrong turn, get incorrect information from a man on horseback, get an early wake-up call and endure much disbelieve. heart 0

Northern Argentina.: The long monotonous road to Rosario.

Santiago onwards.: Route 34. Not the best road to cycle on, in which I meet a hitch hiker, come face to face with a bull and I'm awaken yet again by the Police.. heart 0
Far in the middle of nowhere.: Who said route 34 would be interesting. heart 0
The provincial road alternative.: Still far from anywhere.. heart 0
Route 4 and National route 11: The way to Santa Fe. heart 0
Entre Rios: New province. And this one should be better than the last.. heart 0
Provincial route 11: The way to Victoria. heart 0
Routes 26, 39 and14: San Jose, at last nice itinerary and weather heart 0

Uruguay.: Tour of Uruguay with excursion into Southern Brazil.

Across the water.: Leaving Argentina. heart 1
First day's cycle in Uruguay.: The perfect day, well almost. heart 0
Uruguay day 2.: A dream day on a bike. heart 2
Uruguay day 3.: A fine day on a bike. heart 0
Uruguay day 4.: An average day on the bike. heart 0
Swings and roundabouts.: Two awful days to be on a bike. heart 0
Montevideo to Punta del Este.: Happy days. heart 0
Onwards from Punta del Este.: The way to Brazil. heart 0
New country.: Enthusiasm is soon dashed when I cannot use the ATM, but it's only Saturday. heart 0
Without a map or language.: Things where allot simpler in Uruguay. heart 0
Rio Grande: In which I find an ATM which gives me cash and buy a map.. heart 0
Rio Grande to usual forest camping.: You most leave now!. heart 0
Route BR293: The lack of hills so far was made up for today. heart 0
Route BR293 day 2: What's in an omen? heart 0
Route BR293 day 3 heart 0
Return to Uruguay: Where's the aduana? heart 0
Route 5.: The way to Tacuarembo. heart 0
Tacuarembo: A backwater. heart 0
Route 31: Day 2. Long road to Salto. heart 0
Route 31. Day 3: The way into Salto heart 0
Salto heart 0
Route 3 heart 0
Route 3 and Route 30 heart 0
Route 30: A Sunday ride. heart 0
Artigas heart 0

Southern Brazil.

The leaving drink. heart 0
Adonde long-jay, or something. heart 0
Route BS377 heart 0
Route BS377 to BS155 heart 0
The long journey, to Iguassu, is well underway.. heart 0
The long journey. Part 2. heart 0
Across the Uruguay river. heart 0
The long journey. Part 3.: Fri Sat Sun the 29 30 31th Oct. heart 0

North East Argentina.

IGUAZU, un maravioso del mundo. heart 0
The humidity heart 0
Blow-out. Lucky it wasn't a high speed. heart 0
Che. The legion lives on. heart 0
San Ignacio. heart 0
Posadas heart 0
I enter Corrientes. heart 0
The streets of Loreto. heart 0
Oh look, it's turned out nice! heart 0
Mercedes.: Foot off the pedal, tomorrow back on. heart 0
2days, the last in Corrientes. heart 0
Big detour. heart 0
Big detour 2. heart 0

Uruguay revisited.

Bikefix heart 0
The road to Fray Bentos heart 0
The corn beef factory. heart 0
The road to Colonia. heart 0
The road to Colonia. Day 2. heart 0
Colonia heart 0

Buenos Aires.

Towards the beginning of Patagonia. heart 0
Leaving Colonia. heart 0
Capital Federal. heart 0
Capital Federal 2.. heart 0
Waiting for Christmas. heart 0
Buenos Aires - Ranchos.: A ride from Avenida 9 de Julio to a village on the Pampas. heart 0
Ranchos onwards. heart 0
Ayacucho. heart 0
Tandil: Oh yes there are hills in the province of Buenos Aires. heart 0
The Bob-trailer blues. heart 0
Tandil - Benito Juarez. heart 0
Benito Juarez - LaPrida. heart 0
LaPrida -Villa Cerra Ventana heart 0
Villa Cerra Ventana - Tornquist heart 0
Bahia Blanca heart 0
The beginning of PATAGONIA. Day 1. heart 0
The beginning of PATAGONIA. Day 2. heart 0

Rio Negro.

A day at the seaside isn't always fun. heart 0
Remaining sane while the countryside is maddening. heart 0
More of the same. heart 0
Another storm.. heart 0


Puerto Madryn heart 0
A tale between 2 cities. heart 0
Trelew heart 0
The Chubut valley. heart 0
To Dolavan heart 0
Traverse-to Las Plumas heart 0
The Martyrs heart 0
West to Las Altares heart 0
Towards, Paso de Indios, -then Pampa Agnia. heart 0
Towards Tecka heart 0
Ruta40 to Esquel. heart 0
Esquel and Trevelin.. heart 0
I go South. heart 0
The meeting. heart 0
Somewhere to Nowhere. heart 0
So warm it is. heart 0
A change in the weather. heart 0
Three it is. heart 0

Santa Cruz.

Anger and a song. heart 0
South to Tres Cerres heart 0
An eye-opener. heart 0
San Julian heart 0
Piedra Buena. heart 0
South to Rio Gallegos. heart 1
South to Rio Gallegos 2 heart 0
Paso Austral: Monte Aymond. heart 0

Tierra del Fuego.

Going to Tierra del Fuego. heart 0
Rocking & Rolling yeh the whole day long. heart 0
Holes and patches. heart 0
Rain drops keep falling on my head: but that's not so bad...... heart 0
The End, the end, the end....: Not, The End, End. heart 0
Ushuaia. heart 0
The good life. heart 0
Farewell and off I go again. heart 0
A close shave. heart 0
Land of the big estancias: alternative route; having, "comidas, cambio, mercados; tene todos!!!" heart 0
What's the distance?: "about 300km; no shops; no water". My estimation of local's Knowledge is dashed. heart 0
Cold wind blows: constantly here. heart 0
Penguins which I didn't see. heart 0
Good to be here: Porvenir. heart 0


Time for making my mind up. heart 0

Chile (South & Central)..

Anxious to ride again. heart 0
Good day sunshine: in which I mess up the pictures by not having cleaned the lens. heart 0
Valdivia: old, new and expensive beer. heart 0
He thinks it's all over: it isn't yet. heart 0
Rain stops play. heart 0
Pan Am. heart 0
Just another day on the road. heart 0
A drink to Rudolf. heart 0
The pros and cons of eggs, chips and burgers. heart 0
Valparaiso in picture. heart 0
The jitters. heart 0
Time to leave the mist of the Pacific behind: yes if only I could find the way. heart 0
Speechless: of a soar throat and not so discrete camping. heart 0

Argentina (West & North West).

Blessed are cyclists. heart 0
How far is San Juan?: Does anybody know the distance to anywhere in this country! heart 0
Oh how I swore at it. heart 0
The final straw. heart 0
Eating out and tale of the barber shop. heart 0
The often unheard of challenge of the road. heart 0
The night-watchman and other wayfarers. heart 0
Return of the Infectious disease: I am injoying it again. heart 0
The infinite Road. heart 0
Hoping to be in Cafayate by Sunday. heart 0
Cafayate Que-Que Linda...... heart 0
Final Day Joy and Blues. heart 0
Points To Ponder: rewriting, naming and blaming. heart 0
Circumstances beyond our control: Flight cancellations due to volcanic ash fallout. heart 0