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Near Paradise after 30 years of marriage

Six weeks in MT, ID, WA, BC, and AB

By Kelly Iniguez
1,715 miles (2,760 km) over 35 days between Jun. 20, 2016 and Jul. 24, 2016
Map heart 0
Paradise: So close and yet so far. heart 1
Negotiations abound when planning a tour. heart 1
Lodging list.: Yes, a six week motel only tour! heart 1
The bike.: Light and fast makes Kelly a happy camper. heart 1
Bicycle touring lite. heart 1
Route development resources.: Where would I be without crazyguy? heart 1
Luxuries and gear experiments. heart 1
Travel days. heart 1
Missoula-Ronan, MT: A great first day. heart 2
Ronan-Kalispell, MT: Pine trees smell good in the rain. heart 2
Kalispell-Eureka, MT: Now THIS is Montana! heart 1
Eureka-Yaak, MT: Bump this road to the top of your must ride list! heart 1
Yaak-Bonner's Ferry, ID: Such beautiful country, all covered in rain clouds. heart 1
Day off - Bonner's Ferry heart 1
Bonner's Ferry, ID - Newport, WA: Sunshine and blue skies! heart 1
Newport - Metaline Falls, WA: Take the backroad. Sasquatch is there! heart 1
Metaline Falls, WA - Nelson, BC: A bear a day keeps the cyclist alert. heart 1
Nelson - New Denver, BC: Two mountain goats a day keep the cyclist alert. heart 1
New Denver - Fauquier, BC: How many perfect days can we ride? heart 1
Fauquier - Lumby, BC: Over the Monashee Mountains! heart 1
Lumby-Vernon, BC: A sacrificed rest day. heart 1
Vernon-Squilax Store and Hostel heart 1
Shushwap Hostel - Barriere, BC: Take what non cyclists say with a grain of salt. heart 1
Barriere-Clearwater, BC: Riding the Yellowhead Highway. heart 1
Clearwater - Blue River, BC heart 1
Blue River - Tete Juane Cache, BC: Snow capped mountains all around! heart 1
Tete Juane Cache, BC - Jasper, AB: Just another day in paradise. heart 1
Jasper: Layover days! Two! heart 1
Jasper - Sunwapta Falls Lodge, AL: It's a bicycle highway! heart 1
Sunwapta Falls Lodge - Saskatchewan Crossing, AL: We are still friends. heart 1
Saskatchewan Crossing - Lake Louise: Now I remember Bow Pass! heart 1
Lake Louise - Canmore, AB: No rain today! Thank you, thank you. heart 1
Canmore Rest Day heart 1
Canmore, AB - Kootenay Lodge, BC: Riding through a ghost forest. heart 1
Kootenay Lodge - Radium Hot Springs, BC: Sunshine is a splendid thing. heart 1
Radium Hot Springs - Canal Flats, BC: One of the best days of the trip. Why? Sunshine all day! heart 1
Canal Flats - Cranbrook, BC: Ta Ta Creek and dirt roads get a thumbs up from me! heart 1
Cranbrook, BC - Eureka, MT: The easiest border crossing ever. Why isn't it this easy to enter from Mexico? heart 2
Eureka - Whitefish, MT: Back to the busy highway riding. Bleh. heart 1
Whitefish - Swan Lake, MT heart 1
Swan Lake - Seeley Lake, MT heart 2
Seeley Lake - Missoula, MT: Finale! heart 2
2017 - Touring close to home. heart 1