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The Granny Panties Tour

A 50th birthday tour of the Sierra Cascades route from Sumas, WA to Truckee, CA.

By Kelly Iniguez
1,386 miles (2,231 km) over 30 days between Jun. 10, 2015 and Jul. 9, 2015
What's in a name: Setting the tone for the journal. heart 2
Where to go for a zero birthday: 50 is a big one. heart 2
Logistics of a one way tour: It's enough to drive one crazy! heart 1
The bike: RANS Stratus XP in Aluminum heart 1
Thoughts on nutrition and packing. heart 1
Oren Wright: Another perspective. heart 1
Jim Fitch: Another perspective. heart 1
The last training ride.: Bring it on! heart 2
Travel days.: Staging heart 1
Bellingham-Sumas, WA: Flat and fast. heart 2
Sumas-Sedro-Wooley, WA: The smell of money! heart 1
Sedro-Wooley - Marblemont, WA: Tailwinds all the way, baby! heart 3
Marblemount - Mazama, WA: My body is a fire burning engine today! heart 3
Mazama-Pateros, WA: A headwind? I should have left earlier. heart 1
Pateros-Cashmere, WA: Can I do this day again tomorrow? heart 1
Cashmere, WA: rest day! heart 1
Cashmere-Ellensburg, WA: Two thumbs up for Old Blewett Pass! heart 2
Ellensburg-Naches, WA: Riding along the Yakima River heart 2
Naches-Packwood, WA: Best offer I've had in a long time! heart 1
Packwood - Eagle Cliff Campground, WA: They don't have climbs like this in Colorado! heart 1
Eagle Cliff Campground - Hood River, OR: I was dreading this day? heart 1
Hood River: Day off! heart 1
Hood River - Government Camp, OR: 5,700 feet of climbing is an ordinary day. Yawn! heart 1
Government Camp - Detroit Lake, OR: Heaven on two wheels. heart 3
Detroit Lakes - Sisters, OR heart 1
Sisters-La Pine, OR: Beat the heat, climb a pass, in town by noon! heart 1
La Pine - Diamond Lake Resort, OR: An early start and cloud cover makes for a pleasant ride. heart 1
Diamond Lake Resort - Ft Klamath, OR: Wayne, where are you? heart 1
Ft. Klamath, OR: Rest day. heart 1
Ft. Klamath - Ashland, OR: Great routing, Alison! heart 1
Ashland, OR - Yreka, CA: Genny is not gravitationally enhanced on downhills. That's fancy speak for doesn't weigh much. heart 1
Yreka-McCloud, CA: Oren to the rescue! heart 1
McCloud-Burney, CA: Doesn't everyone want a flat tire for their birthday? heart 1
Burney-Old Station, CA: It's a sleep in kind of morning. heart 3
Old Station, CA: Rest day. heart 1
Old Station - St. Bernard Lodge, CA: Lassen Park is the crown jewel of the trip. heart 1
St Bernard Lodge-East Quincy, CA: Logging trucks smell like Christmas. heart 2
Quincy - Bassetts, CA: The adventure isn't over until it's over! heart 2
Bassetts-Truckee, CA: I gave it all I had to beat the rain! heart 1
Cost of an all motel/restaurant trip. heart 1