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July 4, 2015

Burney-Old Station, CA: It's a sleep in kind of morning.

Rim Rock Ranch 13275 SH 89 530-335-7114 $60.00 motel room, two night minimum. fridge/micro. wifi. no TV. AC! This is our unlikely layover spot. The lodging had a two day minimum. We could have paid for two and stayed one, but that seems extravagant. Plus we are ready for a rest day. The ranch store is well stocked, much better than Jo's back in Ft. Klamath. Oren said the store next door to JJ's Cafe is also very well stocked.

For those who follow behind us: http://hatcreekresortrv.com/index.html Ken Scovill stayed here. The photo of his room looks very nice. His journal says he got a good dinner and breakfast. Hat Creek Resort is 2.3 miles closer to Lassen than Rim Rock Ranch. I don't remember specifically comparing the two places. Either I've forgotten doing it, didn't know of Hat Creek, or chose Rim Rock because it was cheaper and closer to JJ's Cafe. However, Ken had good food and a nice place to stay. I'd advise giving Hat Creek a try over Rim Rock.

Because we did not carry sleeping bags, Jim and Genny have left us. They are 14 miles down the road at a camping cabin at Manzanita state park. Jim had previously traveled the area and said there was no way he was spending one night in Old Station, much less two. We will catch back up to them in Quincy, their layover spot. We did not see them this morning.

Oren and I agreed to sleep in. No reason to be in a hurry to ride 27 miles. We did want to beat the worst of the heat. 8 AM sounded good. Jacinto's plan was to stay in Burney with amenities until the last possible moment.

Oren was ready to go before me. Jacinto was actually up and about so we chatted with him while Jacinto had his morning coffee. Finally I was done puttering and we took off about 8:30. You could see the town was aflutter getting ready for the big parade. Last night people had chairs set out down Main Street, staking their spots out. We will see if Jacinto watches the parade. I can't imagine how fancy it will be in a town of 3,000. This morning there was more prep stuff going on as we left town.

It was warming up already. Whew. At first the road was nice and flat and I congratulated myself on my strong legs. After we retraced the five miles back to Highway 89 and the road finally started to gain elevation, Oren pulled away and I started sweating. Really sweating, not glistening or perspiring. Sweating. Check the photo, it looks like I was doused with water, my hair and shirt are so wet.

Oren and I agreed we took far more photos than usual, since we were in no hurry. There had been a forest fire through here. I saw several men out cutting trees down and watering new trees. There were some pockets of trees and homes that didn't get burned. Or at least it seems to me the houses weren't burned. They didn't look like new replacements.

I tried to enjoy the day and not think about how hard our next riding day will be. That will be our last really big climbing day, two passes, the highest being 8,700 feet. The tallest of our trip.

I forgot all about being on dangerous Highway 89, until I saw a sign reminding people the speed limit is 55 mph. As soon as I remembered the many warnings I'd had about this road, it seemed that there was far more traffic and they didn't give me room.

We've been hand washing our clothes for a month. What do you think will happen when they get washing in a machine? Will they fall apart?
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Look! Jacinto is awake before Oren departs. That's what happens when we have a big 28 miles to ride. Jacinto is showing off his McDonalds coffee.
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It's the Fourth of July. Flags everywhere. There wasn't even a bit of a breeze to get this one to flap. I couldn't get a better shot.
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First I saw this sign. Hmmm, how strange. In Colorado they just put out mile marker signs.
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Then I saw the house to go with the sign. I did not see any signs saying one story house or two story house. I don't know why this one received special mention.
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This looks like Paul Bunyun's cousin. What is he doing way over here? I asked the lady at our campground. She said a man manufacturers all sorts of fiberglass figures at his home - dinosaurs, crabs, people. Whatever anyone orders. Apparently a local ordered this one.
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I also asked at the store about this sign. I received a sobering answer. She said several years ago a couple was bicycling from Seattle to Susanville. A jeep came up over the hill at this locale at hit the couple. One died. I did not see the ghost bike Cheryl said was next to the sign.
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There was a big forest fire in the area. Signs of the devastation are all over.
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I believe this is Mt. Lassen.
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That is sweat combed hair and sweat on my shirt - from the heat, not a climb. Jacinto was laughing at me, the temps weren't worth sweating over.
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Oren's wife sent me this funny. It's good for a laugh!
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Today's ride: 27 miles (43 km)
Total: 1,187 miles (1,910 km)

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