Cuba off of the Map (Tours 10 & 11) - 2010 & 2011 🇨🇺 - CycleBlaze

Cuba off of the Map (Tours 10 & 11) - 2010 & 2011 🇨🇺

Searching for Cuba's Skyline Drive on Two Separate Trips

By Brent Irvine
392 km (243 miles) over 380 days between Apr. 10, 2010 and Apr. 24, 2011
Booking the Ticket and Making my Packing List: Why me? heart 0
What's it All About?: On again... off again... (the map, that is) heart 0
This Just In!: Not Just a Tourist - Once Again. Donations welcome! heart 0
Gathering the Staging Points: Where to Stay and Donate heart 0
Starting to Pack: Airlines are making this tougher all the time heart 0
Bike and BOB Trailer Additions: A few ideas gleaned from a few years of touring heart 0
April 10, 2010 - Cochrane to Oakville (Toronto): Getting out of the Snow heart 0
April 11 - Oakville: Family Day with no Bikes heart 0
April 12 - Toronto to Varadero to Playa Jibacoa: Cuba at Last heart 0
April 13 - Playa Jibacoa and Getting Ready: Happy Birthday Dad! heart 0
April 14 - Playa Jibacoa to Cojimar: Wind at our Back! heart 0
April 15 - Cojimar to Playa Baracoa via La Habana: Wind, Ferry Ride, Malecon Misadventures and Beachside Dinner heart 2
April 16 - Playa Baracoa to Las Terrazas: From the Coast to the Interior - On and Off of the Autopista... and a Hotel in the Trees heart 0
April 17 - Las Terrazas to Soroa: Washouts, Mountain Views & Pool Problems heart 0
April 18 - Soroa Sorrow: No More Cycling for Me on this Trip... Grrrrr!!! heart 0
April 19 - Stymied without a Foot: The Journal Stops Here heart 0
Mar 20, 2011 - Back on Track Again: Let's Finish this Ride! heart 0
Mar 26: Additional Bookings Made heart 0
Apr 8 - Twas the Night Before the Eve of our Flight: Bikes Packed and Ready to Gooooooooo! heart 0
April 9 - In a Car for a Loooong Time: Cochrane, ON, to Toronto, ON heart 0
April 10 - Flying and Taxi Rides: Toronto to Varadero via WestJet, then Taxi to Las Terrazas heart 0
April 11 - Up, Up and Away, then Down, Down, Down!: Las Terrazas to Soroa heart 0
Apr 12 - SkyLine Drive at Long Last: Villa Soroa to San Diego de los Banos heart 1
Apr 13 - Happy Birthday Dad: A rest day in San Diego de los Banos heart 0
April 14 - Meandering through Pothole Craters: San Diego to Vinales through Parque La Guira ('La Wee-ra') heart 1
Apr 15 - Four-Wheeled Exploration: Around Vinales on Foot and by Taxi heart 0
Apr 16 - Heading out of the Valle de Vinales: A very fast taxi from Vinales to Jibacoa heart 0
Apr 17 - A Tiny bit on The Bikes: Visiting friends around the resort area heart 0
Apr 18 - Relaxing at a Resort: Breezes Jibacoa poolside reading heart 0
Apr 19 - Relaxing at a Resort: Breezes Jibacoa poolside reading heart 0
Apr 20 - Our Cyling Days Grow Shorter: Countryside around Jibacoa heart 0
Apr 21 - A Real Ride on a Real Highway: Jibacoa to Santa Cruz del Norte and back heart 0
Apr 22 - A Little Run into Arcos de Canasi: The Village that Started us on our Missions of Giving heart 0
Apr 23 - Last Full Day in Cuba: Two weeks already?! heart 0
Apr 24 - Are we Going to Get Home with Our Bikes?: Where is the taxi we booked to make sure it would come? heart 0
Post-Ride: Final Words: Is Cuba Worth a Bicycle Trip? heart 0