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The ninth step ... Somewhere in South Africa

By Jean-Marc Strydom
2,317 km (1,439 miles) over 62 days between Nov. 24, 2020 and Jan. 24, 2021
Schoenmakerskop heart 7
A change of plans heart 5
Back on track heart 6
On the road at last heart 16
Slowly easing into the journey heart 8
A rest day heart 9
First "real" day on the road. heart 18
Up and then down heart 15
A rest day heart 13
Starts like slow poison, ends like a physical assault. heart 11
A rest day heart 1
Heading northwards at last heart 26
A rest day heart 6
My friend the wind heart 7
A rest day heart 7
A short day to a little piece of paradise heart 6
Ouch ! heart 10
Ouch again ! heart 7
As usual, plans have changed. heart 4
A nice ride to a bit of a dump heart 17
A rest day heart 11
On the road for eleven hours heart 10
Resting in Williston heart 2
Another long day heart 12
Chilling at the Magic Garden heart 8
Tailwinds at last heart 9
Bye-bye Karoo heart 18
From one farm to another heart 10
Time to do a bit of wine-tasting heart 7
Getting ready for Christmas heart 7
The Reverend Francis McCleland heart 7
COVID-19 Christmas heart 8
First view of the sea since we left Port Elizabeth heart 17
Bird Island heart 36
The Railway Road heart 9
Last day on the West Coast heart 5
A rest day heart 1
Homeward Bound heart 5
Short and hot heart 11
Not quite what we were expecting heart 10
More headwinds ... so we take it easy heart 8
We had better get used to the wind heart 1
A gorgeous ride (to quote Leigh) heart 6
The Rebel Republicans heart 8
The Tradouw Pass heart 9
Ronnie's Sex Shop heart 10
Time for a rest heart 3
The Huisrivier Pass heart 19
Leigh demanded some ostriches heart 15
Sanity (and possibly our lives) saved by an escape route heart 8
Completing yesterday's ride heart 6
Teething problems heart 1
Back on the road heart 13
Potential robbery victims heart 9
Back in the Eastern Cape heart 8
A long day heart 4
The end of the line heart 6
Epilogue heart 3