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August 16, 2020

A change of plans

You might have noticed that we were supposed to have started this journey a few day's ago but I have not yet reported on it.  Well, a few things happened that got us to change our plans completely.

First of all the weather, which has been great over the past few months, took a turn for the worst and the forecast for the next ten days looks horrendous.  The winter of 2020 has been the mildest in many years with daytime temperatures in the mid twenties and very little wind.  Unfortunately, we are now experiencing temperatures that struggle to get to double digits and there is hardly a day in which the wind doesn't blow consistently at more than 50 kilometers per hour.

So with the bad weather forecast, we decided to wait for a few days to see if it might change.  To occupy the time while we waited, we decided to tackle a work that has been outstanding for a while.  This snowballed into more work and there is still more to come.

Then last night, the announcement was made that most of the restrictions imposed as part of the COVID-19 lock down are to be lifted at Midnight on Monday.  This means we will be able to spend a couple of months in the Kruger National Park, which was our original idea we had once it became clear that we would not get to the 'Stans this year and before inter-provincial travel was restricted.

So this trip has been put on hold until better weather arrives and we have got our work under control again.  We will be heading north in the Landrover next week and should be back towards the end of October.  The planned trip through the Eastern Cape could end up morphing into a cycle tour through some other part of South Africa. 

Stay safe.

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