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Jean-Marc Strydom


Title Ratings
The fourteenth step ... Asia Minor 1416
The thirteenth step ... Six months in South America 1459
The twelfth step ... Three months in Spain 1201
Tiny step 2: A week in the Karoo 59
The eleventh step ... Los Africanos Perdidos 866
Tiny step 1: A mini tour from McGregor 32
The tenth step ... SISA Episode II 338
The ninth step ... Somewhere in South Africa 513
The eighth step ... Patagonia etc once more. 322
The seventh step ... London to Edinburgh via Land's End and John o'Groats 424
The sixth step ... back to SE Asia 190
The fifth step ... the length of Japan. 181
The fourth step ... Patagonia etc 13
The third step ... the rising sun upon our backs 0
The second step ... a booze cruise that is actually a dry run 16
The first step ... South East Asia 32


We are Jean-Marc and Leigh.  A couple at the end of our working lives who like to travel.  These days most of our traveling is done by bicycle but neither of us think of ourselves as cyclists. 

We're currently cycling from Antalya in Turkey to Baku in Azerbaijan via Georgia.   A case of traveling from A to B while visiting three seas (Mediterranean,  Black and Caspian). 

The distance leads me farther on though the reasons I once had are gone. I keep thinking I'll find what I'm looking for in the sand beneath the dawn. (copyright Jackson Browne 1974)