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December 21, 2020

Time to do a bit of wine-tasting

van Rhynsdorp to Klawer

I had been doing a bit of work yesterday afternoon when my PC let me know that it was running out of power.  To my horror, I discovered I had left the charger and power cable at the previous night's lodgings.  So we were on the road before six o'clock this morning to ride back to van Rhynsdorp to pick it.  On the way, the hostess from our lodgings there called and said she would meet us on the road so that we wouldn't have to cycle all the way back.  It also meant we could miss most of the terrible road back to the town.

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Once on the N7, the main road between Cape Town and Namibia, we faced a bit of a climb until a nice downhill into Klawer.  The problem was that we got there before eight o'clock in the morning.  We managed to waste an hour having breakfast at a Wimpey on the N7 just outside of town and then cycled down to our guesthouse to see how early we could check in.  They needed another hour or two so we cycled off to the local wine cellar a few kilometers south of the town to while the morning away.  The wines and the pairings were nothing to write home about but it was a pleasant way to spend the morning.

Nine different wines to taste paired in a rather hit-or-miss fashion with various snacks, some based on Rooibos products.
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Easy to social distance in this environment.
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We didn't leave empty handed.
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Unfortunately, apart from the winery, there isn't much else to Klawer that would attract one to it.  Accommodation is limited and expensive and so are the grocery stores.  I rode much of it looking for food and though there is nothing objectional about the town but I think pushing on to Clanwilliam, if going south, or up to van Rhynsdorp, if going north, would be a better choice.

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Today's ride: 37 km (23 miles)
Total: 1,076 km (668 miles)

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