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December 8, 2020

Ouch again !

Rosedene to Jakkalsdans

When we woke up this morning the wind was already howling.  We had little choice but to carry on and see how far we could struggle into it. As strong as it was when we started, it grew stronger as the day wore on.  Thank goodness there was quite a lot of cloud cover so we didn't get hot at any time.  In fact, we had our jackets on for a short time when there was short spell of cold rain.

500 kays for the trip appeared soon after leaving the Kosters.
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After saying goodbye to the Kosters we hit the road at about six o'clock.  Two hours later we stopped to take our breakfast of boiled eggs, mayonnaise and two day old bread in the shelter of a culvert.  There was just not enough space to pitch the tent but this didn't stop me from keeping my eyes open for other culverts along the way as possible spots where might have to spend the night.

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There had been very few vehicles on the road but at the thirty three kilometer mark a car slowed down next to me and the elderly couple inside chatted to me through the window as we rode along.  They were on their way to Carnarvon, the next town after Loxton, where we hope to be in a few days time.  After handing us a bottle of water, they carried on.

The road was excellent, either smooth fine gravel or packed earth. We carried on slowly and steadily cursing the wind and rolling hills.  It is much lumpier here than I thought it would be. When we stopped to take our lunch (same menu as breakfast) sheltering behind a low wall at the entrance to a farm whose buildings were way in the distance, we contemplated making it all the way to Loxton.

We crossed the border between the Western Cape and Northern Cape after forty kilometers or so.  Suddenly the road conditions deteriorated and the going got tougher.  After about nine hours on the road we came upon Jakalsdans, a farm with a guesthouse that we had been told about at both Rosedene and in Beaufort West.  While having lunch we had agreed to make a call to push on to Loxton once we got to Jakalsdans.  The road conditions made the decision inevitable and we turned in to the grounds of the rather posh establishment.  After a bit of negotiating, we managed to get the use of the guesthouse at a fairly reasonable price.  We are both pretty knackered and a few days rest is on the cards once we reach Loxton tomorrow.

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Today's ride: 61 km (38 miles)
Total: 559 km (347 miles)

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