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Looking Back With 2020 Vision, Part I

San Diego to Tucson

By Scott Anderson & Rachael Anderson
1,786 miles (2,874 km) over 55 days between Dec. 16, 2019 and Feb. 8, 2020
All the old familiar places heart 9

In San Diego

Arrival heart 67
The Coronado loop heart 68
Point Loma heart 62
Otay Lake heart 43
La Jolla heart 65
Coronado again heart 44
September, 1973: a reminiscence heart 13
Film festival heart 28
Mission Bay heart 74
Christmas stalking heart 82
Encinitas heart 63
To Temecula heart 46
June, 1972: the Bellingham to Salem ride heart 13
In Temecula: the De Luz loop heart 95
In Temecula: the Lilac loop heart 51
In Temecula: the Sage loop heart 51
Corona heart 63
A calendar for the year ahead heart 53
Newport Beach heart 95
Dana Point heart 56
Oceanside heart 88
Back to San Diego heart 36

San Diego to Tucson

At Borrego Springs: San Felipe Road heart 55
At Borrego Springs: Salton Seaway heart 63
At Borrego Springs: Montezuma Valley heart 56
In Death Valley: the long drive heart 50
In Death Valley: Dante’s View heart 81
In Death Valley: Artists Drive & Badwater heart 73
In Death Valley: Daylight Pass heart 91
In Death Valley: Desolation Canyon & Mesquite Dunes heart 114
In Death Valley: Ashford Mill heart 59
Boulder City heart 80
In Kingman: Sitgreaves Pass heart 42
In Kingman: a hike to Castle Rock heart 19
A tempest in Tempe heart 26
In Globe: the Superior ride heart 40
In Globe: Roosevelt Lake heart 70
To Tucson: the Winkelman Vee heart 78

In Tucson

In Tucson: rest day heart 57
In Tucson: a hike in Soldier’s Canyon heart 54
In Tucson: the Colossal Cave Ride heart 55
In Tucson: the Oro Valley ride heart 60
In Tucson: it’s a Wash heart 46
In Tucson: Saguaro National Park heart 72
In Benson: Cascabel Road heart 56
To Tombstone heart 47
In Tombstone: Gleeson Road heart 61
To Douglas heart 72
In Douglas: a ride out Route 80 heart 53
To Bisbee heart 54
To Sierra Vista: an unlikely encounter heart 50
In Tucson: hiking in Saguaro National Park, East heart 102
In Tucson: Hiking in Saguaro National Park, West heart 64
In Tucson: San Xavier Mission heart 45
In Tucson: on the Loop again heart 85
In Tucson: the assault on Mount Lemmon heart 76
In Tucson: the Seven Falls hike heart 87
In Tucson: one last loop heart 98
In Bisbee: a photo gallery heart 62
Closing the curtains heart 35