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While I Am Waiting

What Happens In Between

By Titanium Penguin
1,158 km (719 miles) over 572 days since Dec. 27, 2022
The Spaces In Between heart 23
One Heart Beating heart 15
On a Rainy Day heart 38
Hot Chocolate Dreaming heart 63
Pedals and a Punt heart 31
The Central West Cycle Trail Day 1 heart 29
Fridges and Bridges (But No Bodies) heart 8
Working The Crowd heart 1
Little Dirt Roads heart 5
Hiatus At The Hotel California heart 5
You Can Check Out But You Can Never Leave heart 18
Piggies Day Out heart 4
Prodigal Dairy Products heart 7
Pianos and Painted Horses heart 0
Stay in the Pub, Drink the Coffee heart 3

Bits and Pieces: Sydney to Brisbane

Around The Lake heart 15
Over The Hill and Back Again heart 14
Dolphins, Dad Jokes, and A Bicycle Ride heart 4
The Old Gibber Road heart 8
I Didn't Ride My Bike Today heart 5
I Run Over Dogs heart 14
It's A Quiet Road I Promise! heart 10
The Mullimbimby Middle heart 4
There and Back Again on the Rail Trail heart 7
Riding to Queensland heart 9

Urban Riding: Adelaide

New Bike Goes Fast heart 6
Just Another Bike Ride heart 11
Salt Pans to St Kilda heart 21
Getting To The Bottom of Things heart 14
I Don't Do Mud On The First Date heart 25
Not The Willunga Hill heart 18
Around The Old Mine Site heart 10
Sometimes It's Good To Have A Short Neck heart 6
Racing The Train heart 14
Finding New Places heart 18
Morning Tea in Watchman House heart 12
Pakapanthi Wetlands heart 7

The Copper Coast

Being A Tourist heart 13
I Need A Fly Net heart 19
Evil Snails heart 15
Almost To Tickera heart 6
Beside the Sea heart 27
The Sad Story of The Forgotten Phone heart 33
How Not To Be A Serious Cyclist heart 11

To Walk (Bike) The Yorke

The Best Laid Plans heart 15
Cliffs, Sand, and Sea heart 10
The Red Hat From Venice heart 20
Pelicans And Sting Rays heart 25
Beside The Sea heart 32
The Salt Lakes heart 22
All The Riding I Didn't Do heart 9
Vineyards, Sheep, And Not Enough Coffee heart 16
The Last Little Bit heart 6
The End heart 7