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Grampies Go South Spring 2014

The Southern Tier, East to West in Winter

By Steve Miller/Grampies
4,227 km (2,625 miles) over 81 days between Jan. 5, 2014 and Mar. 26, 2014
The Southern Tier: We'll Have At It, but Which Way? heart 1
Gearing Back Up: Europe was tougher on gear than expected. heart 0
Motherships: Bike Friday, REI, Avi and Violet, Amelia and Evelyn heart 0
How Low Can You Go? heart 2
Peeing in the Dark: A Research Report heart 0
Pack em Up Head em Out (not so fast)!: The bikes settle down for a short Winters nap heart 0
Maps (or not) heart 0
Happy New Year!: Eleventh hour (actually, twelfth hour) tweaking heart 0


Day 1: Seattle to in the air onboard Delta: Life Force (or not) heart 0
Day 2: Into Miami: MIA = Missing in Action heart 1
Day 3: Miami to Key West: We actually rack up some kms, errr maybe a few, anyway. heart 1
Day 4: Key West to Sugar Loaf Key heart 2
Day 5: Sugar Loaf Key to Marathon: Endangered Sea Turtles heart 1
Day 6: Marathon to Islamorada: Trouble in Paradise? heart 3
Day 7: Islamorada to Key Largo and Florida City: Where adventure inflames men to violent action heart 1
Day 8: Florida City to the edge of the Everglades on Hwy 41: Running like a dog to the Everglades heart 1
Day 9: To Midway Campground, Everglades: Swamped heart 5
Day 10: Midway Campground to Naples: REd heart 2
Day 11: Naples to Corkscrew Swamp: It's only money heart 1
Day 12: Corkscrew Swamp to Labelle: Roadside treats heart 1
Day 13: Labelle to Lake Placid: Acres of Oranges heart 0
Day 14: Lake Placid to Sunray (Frostproof) heart 1
Day 15: Sunray to Polk City (so far) heart 2
Day 16: Polk City to Center Hill (mid day) to Wildwood: Martin Luther King Day heart 1
Day 17: Wildwood to Silver Springs heart 0
Day 18: Silver Springs to Gainesville: We join the ACA route after 1000km heart 6
Day 19: Gainesville to Ichetucknee Springs: All night at the bar heart 2
Day 20: Ichetucknee to Lake City: Into the ice wind, again heart 0
Day 21: Lake City to Suwannee River State Park heart 2
Day 22: Suwannee River State Park to Monticello: A network of good people heart 2
Day 23: Monticello to Midway: The gloves come off heart 0
Day 24: Midway to Sneads heart 2
Day 25: Sneads: Icebound heart 1
Day 26: Sneads to Bonifay: Stir crazy heart 2
Day 27: Bonifay to Crestview heart 5
Day 28: Crestview to Holt to Milton: The pants come off heart 3
Day 29: Milton to Big Lagoon State Park: A Gourmet Oasis heart 3
Florida in Retrospect heart 0


Day 30: Big Lagoon State Park, Florida to Dauphin Island, Alabama heart 0
Day 31:Dauphin Island to Shepard State Park , Gauthier, Mississippi: In a fog heart 0
Day 32: Gautier to Long Beach: Grampies in Sunday School heart 0
Day 33: Long Beach to Pearlington: At home in Mississippi heart 0
Alabama/Mississippi in Retrospect heart 0


Day 34: Pearlington to New Orleans: It rained all night the day I left, the weather it was dry heart 0
Day 35: New Orleans heart 0
Day 36: New Orleans to Waggaman heart 0
Day 37: Waggaman to Lutcher: Old Man River heart 0
Day 38: Lutcher to Baton Rouge heart 0
Day 39: Baton Rouge to New Roads heart 0
Day 40: New Roads to Simmesport heart 0
Day 41: Simmesport to Bunkie: Fifty Years Together heart 0
Day 42: Bunkie to Eunice: Don't y'all have an automobile? heart 1
Day 43: Eunice to Oberlin: Ardell, Queen of the Road Angels heart 0
Day 44: Oberlin to De Ridder: Cyclists Welcome! heart 0
Louisiana in Retrospect heart 0


Day 45: DeRidder, Louisiana to Kirbyville, Texas: Shame on You: Adventure Cycling Association! heart 0
Day 46: Kirbyville to Kountze: ACA picks up the fumble and runs for a touchdown! heart 0
Day 47: Kountze to Shepherd: Laney the Lucky Lab heart 0
Day 48: Shepherd to wild camp 10 km before Richards heart 6
Day 49: Richards wild camp to Anderson (8:00 a.m.) to Novasota heart 0
Day 50: Novasota to Mound Hill heart 3
Day 51: Mound Hill to La Grange heart 5
Day 52: La Grange to Bastrop: Over 3000 km now! heart 4
Day 53: Bastrop to Austin: Thanks, Susan and Ardell! heart 5
Day 54: Austin to Barton Creek wild camp heart 2
Day 55: Barton Creek to Johnson City: The hills are alive (and trying to kill us) heart 0
Day 56: Johnson City to Fredericksburg: Heat, Hills, and Headwinds, but we made it. heart 0
Day 57: Fredericksburg to Hunt: Where the Deer and the Antelopes Play heart 3
Day 58: Hunt to Leakey heart 0
Day 59: Leakey to Uvalde: Fat Tuesday - not just Mardi Gras but pig out at Bonnie's Bakery heart 0
Day 60: Uvalde to Wild Camp 15 km west of Bracketville heart 1
Day 61: Brackettville to Comstock: Peaceful, easy feeling. heart 1
Day 62: Comstock to wild camp 25 km west of Langtry heart 1
Day 63: Wild camp to Sanderson heart 0
Day 64: Sanderson to Wild Camp 35 km east of Marathon heart 0
Day 65: Wild Camp to Marathon heart 0
Day 66: Marathon to Marfa: Hell on Wheels heart 1
Day 67: Marfa to Wild Camp 30 km from Van Horn heart 6
Day 68: Wild Camp before Van Horn to Wild Camp Sierra Blanca heart 1
Day 69: Wild Camp Sierra Blanca to Fort Hancock: 4004 km! and still in West Texas! heart 1
Day 70: Fort Hancock to Tornillo to El Paso: Bonk! heart 9
Day 71: El Paso to Anthony: A Real State to be In heart 9
Texas in Retrospect heart 0


Day 72: Anthony to Las Cruces heart 4
Day 73: to La Mesilla and back heart 9
Day 74: Las Cruces to Tucson: An SUV ride to Aunt Sophie heart 0


Day 75: Tucson: It's come to This heart 0
Day 76: Tucson: Grampies Announce a new Crazyguy heart 1
Day 77: Tucson: Grampies Meet the Circus Bears heart 1
Day 78: What Worked and What Didn't: Rhinodillo? heart 2
Day 79: Tucson: Last Chance to See heart 0
Thoughts About the Southern Tier heart 0